To GET STARTED, you must first register for a CONSULTATION AND VOCAL EVALUATION.  This is an introductory session where you will meet with us to have your singing or songwriting professionally evaluated, discuss your goals, and find a regular weekly spot in the schedule.

Time challenged? Don’t have time to visit each page on this site?  Download Student Info and FAQ here!


IMAGINE-the convenience of learning this world class vocal technique from the comfort of your home!   Online voice lessons are fun, convenient, and easy! 

Many students from all over the world, as well as those who live in the Atlanta area are discovering the fun of voice lessons via skype, facetime, or speakerphone!  Even local Atlanta students are utilizing this option a couple of times per month along with “in person” lessons for the convenience factor. By utilizing an online vocal coach you will be able to take professional voice lessons within the comfort of your own home.

Sing like a Star’s distance learning allows for our professional expertise to be available to students in any location. Remote singing lessons have recently gained popularity due to advances in technology. Students all over the world study with us using a webcam and iChat or Skype, or a speakerphone. Many of these students are finding this to be the best option to fit their budget, schedule, and location.


Here’s How It Works:

1. You register for a consultation/evaluation session  by clicking the GET STARTED tab on the home page.   In this session you will meet via skype or ichat, have your voice professionally evaluated,  and set up a lesson schedule. (The rates are the same as for “in person” lessons).

Please download the

Student Info and FAQ


Fill out the REGISTRATION FORM and mail it to:  Tricia Grey   320 High Meadow Drive, Marietta, GA   30068.

2. If you are on Skype, Tricia’s contact is triciagrey1. If you use iChat, Tricia’s buddy name is or Add her as a contact (skype) or buddy (ichat) before the lesson time.

3. Send a “contact request” to triciagrey1 (skype) or add me as a buddy (ichat). At the appointed lesson time ring Tricia by clicking on the camera icon.

4. Mac users can record and save your lessons by downloading Video Conference Recorder at PC users can download similar software at

5. You will see Tricia, AND yourself on the screen when taking the lesson by webcam. This is a very valuable teaching tool; when reviewing the lesson, you will be able to see what you are doing, not just hear it!

6. Although there may be some degree of latency (sound delay) when using the webcam method, many students get used to this very quickly and actually prefer the “distance learning” option for the convenience factor, and the fact that you can see yourself on the playback.  Using headphones helps tremendously.

7. For speakerphone lessons, call the studio at the appointed time. If you have an iphone you can use the FACETIME function- it’s almost like being there in person! Many cell phones offer Skype. With all this great technology, you can take lessons from anywhere!

8. All studio policies regarding payment and missed lessons apply to distance lessons.


There is a $25 fee for the initial consultation. Click here to  register for your CONSULTATION AND VOCAL EVALUATION.

* Though we offer every other week lessons, the best results are obtained by a commitment to regular weekly lessons, along with daily practice of at least 30 minutes.