AJC Article: Singing and Children

Singing Lessons for Children – Article published in the AJC by Tricia Grey, MM

Many kids (and adults) today, fueled by the unprecedented opportunities of shows like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and The Voice, dream of a career as a performer. Never before has a culture made stardom and success appear to be so accessible to so many. However, there are many pitfalls that an aspiring singer or parent of a child who loves performing should be aware of. The first and perhaps most important is proper training.

“This is particularly true of the voice”, says Tricia Grey, MM, owner of Sing Like A Star Studios in Marietta and Alpharetta. “Damage done to the vocal instrument from singing incorrectly at any age can have lifelong repercussions. If the goal is to become a performer, finding the right singing lessons and vocal coach is absolutely imperative”.

Tricia Grey, MM, a native of Los Angeles, where she taught voice and sang professionally for 25 years, was recently the vocal coach for the MTV series “Made”. However, this was not her first TV show of this kind; one of her early students in Los Angeles won the first season of “Starsearch as a child and later became a professional singer and songwriter who now has hits on the radio.

But vocal training is not just for aspiring professionals; anyone who loves to sing should consider vocal lessons. “I can teach anyone to sing, if they practice” says Sing Like a Star owner Tricia Grey, MM. “Many people think that singing ability is something you either have or you don’t- but nothing could be further from the truth. I have had many students through the years who came to me with very little natural ability, but with tremendous discipline, drive, and work ethic, who now have professional careers!”

Whether the goal is to win the lead in the school musical, or to benefit from the self-confidence that singing provides, Tricia Grey’s Sing Like a Star is the only method to consider. Tricia has a Master’s degree in Music, along with over 25 years’ experience as a professional singer in the competitive music industry.  She is a recognized industry expert in vocal pedagogy and in the proper methods for developing young voices.

“It’s never too soon to start lessons, if the child can focus for a half hour, and is willing to practice”, says Tricia.  “Kids are going to be singing all the time anyway, and it makes sense to give them the correct instruction from the beginning rather than allowing them to acquire years of bad habits before starting lessons.  Just be aware that many teachers out there are simply passing on bad information.  If they are teaching only “belting” or only “head voice”, they probably don’t know what they are doing.  Instructors need to have a solid understanding of how to teach “mix” or your child’s voice may be damaged by their instruction”.

If your child wants to sing, it’s never too soon to get them started with the right vocal technique!