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Sing Like a Star Studios offers the world’s most effective voice lessons, singing instruction, and vocal coaching for all ages and experience levels from beginners to professional singers.

Whether you’re located near our Roswell 30076 studio or prefer online sessions via Zoom, our team of dedicated vocal professionals is here to guide you on your journey to vocal excellence. At Sing Like a Star, we believe in fostering a supportive and empowering environment where students of all ages and experience levels can unlock their true potential.

Meet Our Team:

Internationally Renowned Vocal Training with Master Teacher Tricia Grey, MM

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Master Teacher Tricia Grey, MM is not just a world-renowned vocal coach, but a true luminary in the world of music education and performance. With a Master’s Degree in Music and over four decades of professional singing and teaching experience, Tricia Grey brings unparalleled expertise and passion to her role as the founder of Sing Like a Star Studios, located in Roswell, Georgia and throughout the world with online lessons!

At the age of 20, while performing as a professional singer in many bands in Los Angeles California, Tricia was encouraged to begin teaching and was mentored by “the voice teacher to the stars” Seth Riggs.  Tricia then discovered a profound sense of fulfillment in teaching voice, and helping others to realize their dreams.

After earning a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance, Tricia founded Sing Like a Star Studios and developed a unique and highly effective vocal method known as the Eight Steps of Vocal Development which expanded and further developed the Seth Riggs’ Speech Level Singing method.  

The groundbreaking Sing Like a Star technique empowers singers to expand vocal range, increase power, learn to sing in any style, and unleash their full vocal potential in any musical genre.

The foundation for the world-renowned Sing Like a Star technique is registration balance and mix voice.  This enables students to “sing stronger, sing higher, and sing Like a star”- to develop amazing power, range, and control, and to eliminate voice breaks.  In other words- Tricia will teach YOU to Sing Like a Star!

Tricia Grey has written two books (You Can Sing Like a Star, and You can be a Successful Voice Teacher) and created an amazing online vocal training course with over 700 exercises that train singers in every aspect of vocal development from breath control to Broadway belt, extending range, power, mix voice, and even riffs and runs!

Tricia’s commitment to vocal training extends to students of all levels, from aspiring beginners to seasoned professionals. Tricia works with a world-wide clientele of students from many countries through the magic of Zoom.  She also teaches in-person at the beautiful Roswell GA Sing Like a Star Studios.

Throughout her career, Tricia’s impact has been world-wide. Her students have achieved remarkable success on Broadway, talent shows like America’s Got Talent, X-Factor, American Idol, and The Voice, and have secured record deals and prestigious university admissions.

Above all, Tricia is dedicated to empowering artists to realize their dreams and unlock their full potential. Her belief in the transformative power of music shines through in every lesson and interaction.

Whether your style is R&B, Pop, Gospel, Rock, Country, or Musical Theatre, Master Teacher and Sing Like a Star Studio founder Tricia Grey, MM can help you achieve your musical goals!  

She has performed professionally in every musical genre and for 40 years her amazing coaching has helped make other singers’ dreams come true!

SLaS Associate Teachers: Affordable Excellence

Lewis Ray

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Ten years ago, Master Teacher Tricia Grey implemented the rigorous SLaS Associate Teacher training program to certify teachers in the Sing Like a Star method.  Associate Teacher Lewis Ray was one of the first graduates of that program and has been a favorite SLaS Associate Teacher since then.

Lewis loves working with children as well as singers of all ages.  He is a dedicated singing coach committed to making quality vocal training accessible and affordable. As an extremely experienced member of the Sing Like a Star staff, Lewis offers practical insights and techniques honed from his experience as a recording artist and performer.

Whether you’re interested in mastering R&B, gospel, musical theater, or any other style, Lewis’s patient guidance and expertise will help you reach your full potential as a singer.

Lewis Ray is not just a vocal coach; he’s a maestro of multiple talents, a virtuoso in voice, piano, guitar, songwriting, and studio recording. Specializing in R&B, Pop, Gospel, Rock, and Musical Theatre, Lewis’s musical journey is nothing short of extraordinary.


Anari Teri

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ANARI TERI is a fabulous choreographer who works with our student on moves and stage presence for our showcases.  Working with a professional choreographer will take your performances to the next level of professionalism.  Anari’s cool moves will make you look like a star onstage!

About the SLaS Method

The Science Behind Our Method

Drawing from the latest scientific research and methodologies used by today’s contemporary recording artists, the Eight Steps of Vocal Development is a meticulously crafted program. It focuses on sequential skill building, guiding singers through carefully designed exercises and techniques to develop every aspect of their voice.

Key Components of Our Method

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Balanced Registration: We prioritize developing a balanced, functional voice by activating and strengthening both the lower and upper registers, ensuring strength and consistency across your entire vocal range.

Smooth Transition Between Registers: Our method teaches you how to seamlessly transition between registers, eliminating vocal breaks and creating a unified sound from low to high notes.

Mixing Techniques: You’ll learn advanced mixing techniques to cultivate a contemporary vocal quality, enabling you to sing with power and clarity across all musical genres.

Specialized Skill Development: From vibrato and dynamics to riffs and runs, our method covers a wide range of vocal skills essential for today’s singers.

Application to Songs: Practical application is key. You’ll learn to apply your new vocal skills directly to songs, seamlessly transitioning from exercises to real-world singing.

Performing Opportunities: At Sing Like a Star, we believe in a combination of technique and training, balanced with performing to show off your new skills.  We provide Showcases twice yearly at the fabulous Strand Theater to give our students consistent performance goals.

Why Choose Our Training?

The Eight Steps of Vocal Development isn’t just a vocal training program; it’s a roadmap to success in today’s music industry. With our method, you’ll break free from limiting vocal habits and build a strong, healthy voice capable of meeting the demands of any musical style.

Commitment to Practice

While our method is highly effective, success requires dedication and commitment. We encourage all our students to practice daily, following the exercises provided with focused attention. With consistent practice and guidance from our experienced instructors, you’ll see remarkable improvement in your voice and musical abilities.

Unlock the full potential of your voice with the Sing Like a Star Vocal Method. Join us on this transformative journey and discover what it truly means to Sing like a Star!

Quotes from Happy Clients

Here are just a few testimonials from our satisfied students:

“Thank you, Tricia! It’s so great to have this weekly plan with the recorded exercises. Avery really loves them and I can already tell that her progress is going to be significantly accelerated by having a more focused and targeted learning experience!” – David Nokes

“I joined SLaS looking to take my skills to the next level- but I stayed because of the infectious energy and passion of the instructors who have given me a grand musical education! I’m thrilled to be here!” – Taylor See

“Within the first lesson with Tricia I could feel and hear a huge change in my voice, much different than any vocal lesson I had before…my range was wider instantly. At 16 years old I made it all the way to Hollywood with American Idol (Season 5). I know Tricia’s lessons and teaching helped get me there!” – Laura Suzanne Wright

“I wanted to provide you some feedback on my lessons. Lewis is my instructor, and I think he is perfect for me. The lessons move at a good pace, and I have learned a lot in what seems to be a short amount of time.” – John

“My experience training with Tricia was extremely positive. Not only did we improve my overall vocal ability but we were able to keep my voice healthy while traveling with my band.” – J’a Niece Washington