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Sing Like a Star Studios offers Voice Lessons for all ages and experience levels from professional singers to beginners, Songwriting, Piano and Guitar, Lessons for Children, Studio Recording, and Performance Opportunities. We offer a Lessons for Less program with our highly qualified and trained Sing Like a Star Associate Teachers and a very unique Little Stars program for younger singers ages 3-8. You can take lessons from anywhere in the world with our Online Lessons.

The first step to getting started with any of our classes is to register for a no-obligation GETTING TO KNOW YOU introductory session with the teacher of your choice. Students who are highly motivated or are interested in becoming professional singers should invest in lessons with studio owner and Master Teacher Tricia Grey, MM. Students with financial constraints or who are exploring singing for fun will enjoy lessons with our SLaS Associate Teachers.

QUESTIONS? Please email our Sing Like a Star support team at; call our support team at 404-790-1830 Monday-Friday, 10-6 pm EST. Download: INFORMATION AND FAQ.  This document will answer any questions you have about lessons at Sing Like a Star Studios, LLC


While many students just want to take singing, piano, and guitar lessons for fun and enrichment, (and that is perfectly fine with us!) others have aspirations for professional careers on Broadway or in the music business.  Many Sing like a Star students have gone on to great success in the music and film businesses.  Here are just a few examples of many successful SLaS children:  

Katrina Abrams, a student of Tricia’s in Los Angeles, in some winning performances on the TV show Starsearch:

Tricia is a fantastic vocal coach!  The best!  I love her!”  Katrina Abrams (Katrina Red Red)

Jonah Verdon, performing on Broadway

Dear Miss Tricia
I just wanted to share the good news that my video was featured on the home page at Carnegie Hall Musical Exchange! And I am SO honored – Leslie Stifelman, who is Musical Director and Conductor for “Chicago: The Musical” on Broadway, wrote me an awesome note about my performance:
” Jonah I’m just totally stunned by how great this is and we are all so proud of you. This is a fantastic, epic performance.  You are navigating so many things well – just the registration alone is a mountain to climb.  Every register was perfect, in tune and with great color.  Your breath control (how bout the long note with nice vibrato and tone) your rhythm, your diction, your overall storytelling – you really captured the frenetic energy and essence of what the composer was looking for in describing someone on the cusp of turning 13.  I’m tempted to send this to JRB to see what he thinks!” (That would be Jason Robert Brown). 
Thank you so much, Miss Tricia,  for helping me learn to sing!
Jonah Verdon
(currently performing on Broadway).


Studio owner Tricia Grey, MM works with pre-professional, highly motivated children. She has had great success with her kids; several directors of local theatre companies comment often that her students are always recognizable in auditions as being the strongest contenders. While many students just want to take singing and piano lessons for fun and enrichment, (and that is perfectly fine with us!) others have aspirations for professional careers on Broadway or as recording artists. Many of our young Sing like a Star students have gone on to great success in the music and film businesses. To see just a few examples of students who have started as children with SLaS and gone on to success in the music industry

14 Year Old Drew Cavendar






We provide performance opportunities with our twice-yearly showcases at a beautiful 250 seat professional theater in Dunwoody. We have two shows; a younger singers’ show, and a more advanced singers’ show. The shows are always sold out and they are really fun!

When we are preparing for the shows we focus extensively on performing skills and song presentation. We bring in choreographers who teach movement and stage presence. We video each performance and we provide a professional photographer. With each show, your child will become a more seasoned performer!




The only requirement for us to work with your child is the willingness and ability of the child to practice the recorded lessons for 20-30 minutes each day, if the child is older than 8 years, and the willingness and ability of the parent to be proactive in scheduling and requiring regular daily practice.

* Parents, please do not over-schedule your child with activities, expect them to practice, and then quit lessons when they do not do so. It’s up to YOU to be very pro-active (all the way through high school) in scheduling and enforcing practice time. Even if kids love to sing songs, they don’t always love to practice the exercises- but that is the only way change and improvement occurs. Practice should be daily, and at the same time every day if possible. Start small, with 10 minutes of consistent practice every day, and then try to build up to the 20-30 minutes per day target. Children model your behavior; if you have ever wanted to take singing lessons, this is a great way to bond with your child!

AJC Article by Tricia Grey, MM: Singing and Children


  • Or, you can take online voice lessons through your computer or mobile device (i-phone, i-pad, i-pod touch, Android, or Blackberry) any day of the week. We use Zoom for our online lessons.
    • Internet Zoom voice lessons are just like in-person lessons- but you don’t have to drive! They are very effective and convenient if you do not live in the Atlanta area- or even if you live locally but prefer not to drive. What a great stress and time saver! All you need is a computer or mobile device (smart phone, i-pad or i-pod touch) with video capability and wi-fi connection and you are set! A video/audio recording of your lesson is sent to you after the lesson.
  • You can even take lessons with a speakerphone if your internet connection is not great.


RATES: Pricing and rates for all classes and teachers is found on this page.

STUDIO LOCATION: Directions to our conveniently located studio in Roswell GA.

ONLINE LESSONS: If you don’t live in the Atlanta area, or are simply too busy to drive, online lessons are a lifesaver!

MASTER TEACHER TRICIA GREY, MM: SLaS studio founder Tricia Grey, MM is a music industry veteran who knows what it takes to succeed!

LESSONS FOR LESS: SLAS ASSOCIATE TEACHERS: Learn the SLaS vocal technique for far less with our highly qualified and certified SLaS Associate Teachers!

SUCCESS STORIES: SLaS Students who are now professionals.

ADULT STUDENTS: We work with students of all ages and experience levels, from professional to beginner. Even if singing is just on your “bucket list” there is a place for you at Sing Like a Star!

LESSONS FOR CHILDREN: We take children of all ages from 3+ at all skill levels. It’s never too early to start learning to sing the correct way! Pre-professional and highly motivated children should study with studio owner Tricia Grey, MM. Children exploring singing for fun should study with an SLaS Associate Teacher.

SLaS KIDS: Your Child Could Sound Like This! Visit this page to see videos of just a few of our successful and inspiring SLaS kids!

LITTLE STARS Ages 3-8: Little Stars is a fun-filled way to expose your child to correct singing while having fun!

SONGWRITING: We will teach you a quick and easy approach to songwriting that will have you creating your own songs in no time-even if you do not currently play an instrument.

PIANO AND GUITAR: Many students add piano and guitar lessons to their weekly voice lessons with us.

STUDIO RECORDING: We can help you record a demo, or your latest hit song!

THE SLaS METHOD: Read this page to find out why the SLaS method is so effective.

INFORMATION AND FAQ: Download this document for the answer to all your questions about study at SLaS.

SHOWCASES: Learn to be a professional performer in our Sing Like a Star Showcases!

To understand why consistent weekly lessons and focused, mindful, daily practice are so important:

The Myth of Talent

The Talent Show Syndrome

Practice That Pays Off

Become a Successful Singer by Establishing Priorities


1. Decide which option is best for you: in-person lessons at our Roswell studio, or online lessons (or a combination of these!).

2. Decide the level of teacher you would like to work with: Master Teacher and studio owner Tricia Grey, MM or a qualified and certified SLaS Associate Teacher. Pre-professional and highly motivated students should invest in study with studio owner Tricia Grey, MM. Students with financial constrains or who are exploring singing for fun should work with an SLaS Associate Teacher.

3. Register and pay for a GETTING TO KNOW YOU (GTKY) Introductory Session with the teacher of your choice. We will contact you by phone and email after we receive your registration.


1. View the VIDEOS page. These videos will help you to get a sense of what lessons at Sing Like a Star Studios are like.

2. View the SUCCESS STORIES page for more videos of Sing Like a Star students who are now working professionals. Visit the SLaS KIDS: Your Child Could Sound Like This! page for videos of some of our inspiring kids.

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We look forward to helping you Sing Stronger……Sing Higher…..and Sing like a Star!