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Singing the Blues for Fun – FREE MP3 Download


Are you a singer who would like to develop your vocal range AND learn to riff and run? 

This free mp3 is just a tiny segment of the amazing Eight Steps of Vocal Development program at Sing Like a Star Studios.  The Eight Steps of Development can take ANY singer from beginner to professional, developing every area of the voice.  Step Eight is our very fun “How to Riff and Run” step.  Everyone loves Step Eight!

To use this exercise, first listen to the sung demo, then you try it.  Repeat that process.  Now you are on your own, as the exercise repeats many times in successively higher keys.  Have fun!

If you would like to learn to Sing Stronger….Sing Higher…and Sing Like a Star, please contact our support staff at support@singlikeastar.com or call us at 404-790-1830.  We are located in Atlanta GA, but we teach lessons all over the world with the magic our of distance vocal training technology.


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