Children’s Lessons

It’s never too soon for children to start singing the right way!

Singing Lessons for Kids – Online & in Our Roswell GA Studio

Sing Like a Star Studios offers the world’s most effective voice lessons, singing instruction, and vocal coaching for all ages and experience levels from beginners to professional singers.

Our teachers have extensive professional performing and teaching experience. 

With Sing Like a Star vocal training you will:

  • Sing higher and stronger with NO vocal strain!
  • Eliminate voice breaks!
  • Sing well in the style of music YOU like – R&B, gospel, musical theater, rock, pop, country, jazz!
  • Learn to sing like a star!

You can take voice lessons in-person at our conveniently located Sing Like a Star Studio in Roswell GA (30076) or from anywhere in the world with our Online Lessons.

Our students have appeared (and won!) on The Voice, America’s Got Talent, American Idol and X Factor.

We currently have students appearing on Broadway, students who have won scholarships to prestigious universities and college musical theater programs, and students who are singer/songwriters creating a buzz in the music industry.

We also love working with “regular people” who want to pursue their love of singing!

“When you want the very best, choose SLaS!”

QUESTIONS? Please email our Sing Like a Star support team at; call our support team at 404-790-1830 Monday-Friday, 10 am-6 pm EST.

To get started, register for your no-obligation Professional Voice Evaluation at Sing Like a Star!


What about voice lessons for children?dalyn

Get your child started the right way, with the best vocal technique available!  Kids are going to be singing anyway, so it makes sense to start them off right, with healthy, fun, and correct vocal development at Sing Like a Star Studios!

At SLaS we give your child the healthiest and most effective vocal training available- and we make it fun too!  Each child is different- some kids are ready for more intense training and development and others are simply exploring music for fun and enrichment.  We meet the child where they are at their level of interest and development to encourage greater interest in music and singing.  We offer piano or guitar lessons as part of the package- learning an instrument along with singing creates a more well-rounded education.SLaS-378

SLaS_Show_01-161Our program is not like the typical voice lesson, which consists of singing a couple of random “warm-up” exercises and then singing a song several times with no plan for addressing vocal issues.

Our program meets the child where they are, and, while making singing fun, is designed to specifically develop the voice in a healthy yet effective way.  While we don’t believe in time-bound objectives in singing for SLaS_Show_01-95children, we do believe in having a plan and knowing where you eventually want to be.


We don’t just vocalize in lessons-we sing songs too!  We balance having fun and singing songs with  clear objectives and specific exercises for vocal improvement.  The balance of fun and work in each lesson varies with the age of the child and their image75personality.

All curriculum is taught from the textbook YOU can Sing like a Star! by Tricia Grey, MM and is based on The Eight Steps of Vocal Development, a healthy sequential skill-building course with specific objectives and measurable outcomes.  You can ask your teacher at any time about your child’s progress and you will get a specific answer related to the educational objectives of the steps. Some voices will respond more quickly to instruction and others respond more gradually, but everyone eventually learns all the singing skills in The Eight Steps of Vocal Development.

All Sing Like a Star Associates pass rigorous testing and coursework to remain certified to teach at Sing Like a Star; that coursework is based on the latest research in vocal science- the foundation of the SLaS Eight Steps of Vocal Development approach.

Start now and avoid bad vocal habits!

*If your child is pre-professional or wants to become a professional singer they should study with studio owner and Master Teacher Tricia Grey, MM.

*If your child wants to explore singing for fun, our Associate Teachers love teaching  singing, piano, and guitar lessons for children!


To get started, simply register for a Professional Voice Evaluation ($30) where we can meet with you either in-person at our Roswell, GA location or online with Zoom to assess your voice and demonstrate just how quickly YOU can learn to Sing Stronger….Sing Higher….and Sing Like a Star!

Students who are highly motivated or are interested in becoming professional singers should invest in voice lessons with studio owner and Master Teacher Tricia Grey, MM

Students with financial constraints or who are exploring singing for fun will enjoy Lessons for Less with our highly trained and qualified SLaS Associate Teachers.


600 Houze Way, Roswell, GA  30076

  • Or, you can take online voice lessons through your computer or mobile device (i-phone, i-pad, i-pod touch, Android) any day of the week.
  • Online voice lessons with Zoom are just as effective as in-person lessons- but you don’t have to drive! We have been teaching Zoom lessons around the world for many years, so we are experts at making the experience very much like being there in person! What a great stress and time saver, and so convenient!


1. Download and read: INFORMATION AND FAQ This document answers all your questions about lessons at SLaS.

2. Register and pay for a Professional Voice Evaluation with the teacher of your choice. Read about the teachers by clicking one of the links below:

*Choose Master Teacher and studio owner Tricia Grey, MM (if you are a student of any age who is highly motivated or considering becoming a professional singer) or an SLaS Associate Teacher. (if you have financial constraints or are just exploring singing for fun).

At the Professional Voice Evaluation your teacher will assess your voice, find a spot in their regular weekly schedule, and reserve your first month of sessions (if you decide you want to commit to the lessons).

The purpose of the Professional Voice Evaluation is…


a) Professionally assess your voice and share with you our plan to address your unique vocal challenges with the SLaS Eight Steps of Vocal Development Program.

b) Provide you with a sample of what the SLaS lesson experience is like.

c) Give you the opportunity to commit to regular weekly lessons in the teacher’s schedule if you would like to do so.


a) Receive a professional evaluation of your voice, your  current level of vocal technique, and a specific plan to address vocal challenges.

b) Discuss your musical and career goals with us and receive feedback about how we can help you achieve them.

c) Reserve a weekly lesson time in your SLaS instructor’s schedule and prepay for your first month of sessions, (if you decide you would like to commit to the lessons).

SLaS student Jasmine Spencer

Tricia Grey’s student Drew Cavendar

Tricia’s student Nicholas Moody

Sophia and Nicholas in 2015



SLaS-95(1)For younger students  we combine having fun with education, incorporating all kinds of musical skills as well as singing.  Rhythm instruments, percussion, clapping, moving, and singing fun songs are all part of the fun experience for the little ones!  Our Associate Teachers have a real love for bringing music education to younger children.  Our curriculum for the younger students combines a basic exposure the to Sing Like a Star technique with other musical skills and fun! Piano lessons can be included.


Studio owner Tricia Grey, MM works with pre-professional, highly motivated children. She has had great success with her kids; several directors of local theatre companies comment often that her students are always recognizable in auditions as being the strongest contenders. While many students just want to take singing and piano lessons for fun and enrichment, (and that is perfectly fine with us!) others have aspirations for professional careers on Broadway or as recording artists. Many of our young Sing like a Star students have gone on to great success in the music and film businesses.

To see just a few examples of students who have started as children with SLaS and gone on to success in the music industry click  YOUR CHILD COULD SOUND LIKE THIS



Tricia’s student Carley Vogel started with Tricia at age 9.  While studying with Tricia, she became a student at Pebblebrook High School, won Miss Cobb County in 2015, was cast as the lead in every college musical theater production and is now Broadway Bound!


SLaS_Show_01-40We provide performance opportunities with our twice-yearly showcases at a beautiful professional theater.  We have three shows; a younger singers’ showcase called Star Brights, and a more advanced singers’ showcase called Rising Stars, and an advanced and adult singers show.  The shows are always sold out and they are really fun!

When we are preparing for the shows we focus extensively on performing SLaS-27(1)skills and song presentation.  We bring in choreographers who teach movement and stage presence.  We video each performance and we provide a professional photographer.  With each show, your child will become a more seasoned performer!




The only requirement for us to work with your child is the willingness and ability of the child to practice the recorded lessons for 20-30 minutes each day and the willingness and ability of the parent to be proactive in scheduling and requiring regular daily practice.

* Parents, please do not over-schedule your child with too many activities, expect them to practice on their own, and then quit lessons when they do not do so.  It’s up to YOU to be very pro-active (all the way through high school) in scheduling and enforcing practice time.

Even if kids love to sing songs, they don’t always love to practice the exercises- but that is the only way change and improvement occurs. Practice should be daily, and at the same time every day if possible.

Start small, with 10 minutes of consistent practice every day, and then try to build up to the 20-30 minutes per day target.  Children model your behavior; if you have ever wanted to take singing lessons, this is a great way to bond with your child!

We look forward to helping you Sing Stronger….Sing Higher…..and Sing like a Star!