At Sing Like A Star Studios you will learn the vocal technique of the stars from a music industry veteran who has been there- Tricia Grey, MM is a professional singer and voice teacher with an unbeatable combination- a Master’s Degree in music, over 40 years’ professional experience singing, writing songs, recording, teaching, and performing in the competitive music industry, and ongoing research in vocal science.

A woman standing by a door with a star sign, wearing a red sparkling jacket, a red top, and black trousers.

Tricia Grey, MM is the founder of Sing Like a Star Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, the author of the books YOU can Sing Like a Star, and YOU can be a Successful Voice Teacher, and the creator of the groundbreaking Eight Steps of Vocal Development method, a cutting-edge technique that enables vocalists to sing throughout a range of at least three (and often four or more) octaves with power, consistency, and flexibility. 

The Sing Like a Star vocal method is the preferred training for today’s artists who want a contemporary, powerful, and natural vocal sound.

One powerful tenet of the SLaS technique is the development of MIX.  Singers who can mix have powerful, belt-like high notes without strain.

Tricia sings and teaches in all vocal styles- Rock, R&B, Gospel, Blues, Jazz, Musical Theatre, and Country.  She knows what it takes to succeed in any style in today’s competitive music business.

Tricia’s unique synthesis of world-class education and real music business experience has resulted in an approach to voice teaching that is unparalleled.

With her unbeatable track record as a professional singer, a Master’s Degree in Music, students on Broadway, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, American Idol, X-Factor, students with record deals and admission to the most prestigious University music degree programs, along with her ongoing research and education in vocal science and her astounding ability to diagnose and quickly correct vocal issues, Tricia Grey, MM is one of the music industry’s most powerful, effective, and sought after vocal coaches.

Tricia Grey with Angelica Hale of America’s Got Talent

Tricia taught America’s Got Talent winner and internet sensation Angelica Hale from the time she was five years old.  Angelica is a great example of what the combination of work ethic, drive, and the right vocal technique can accomplish.

Tricia’s primary focus now is to pass on the wealth of knowledge and experience acquired in her many years in the music industry to her students, to empower all artists to reach their full potential and to realize their dreams, and to help anyone who has always wanted to sing achieve their goals.

“I believe if you have the desire to sing, you can learn to sing, no matter what your background or obstacles are”, says Tricia. “The desire to sing is in you for a reason, and you will only be happy as a person if you follow that desire.  If you have a burning desire to sing, that means you should be singing! You don’t have to want to be a star to love singing and to benefit from vocal training at Sing Like a Star Studios- there is a place at SLaS for everyone to express their creativity! ”

Whatever your background, skill level, age, or experience, Tricia Grey, MM and Sing Like a Star Studios are here to help you live your dream- to Sing like a Star!


Tricia believes that vocal training is not just for aspiring professionals and that anyone who loves to sing should consider taking voice lessons. “I can teach anyone to sing, if they consistently practice the exercises” says Tricia. “Many people think that singing ability is something you either have or you don’t- but nothing could be further from the truth. I have had many students through the years who came to me with very little natural ability, but with great drive, discipline and work ethic, who now have professional careers!”

Tricia says: “In voice lessons, we are re-training many small muscle groups through therapeutic vocal technique. The key to success is consistency and commitment to daily practice and weekly lessons. You can make huge changes in your voice in a short time by simply singing along every day with your most recent SLaS vocal lesson, which is recorded. We will give you life changing tools, but it’s up to you to create a daily practice routine that solidifies your new skills; this will bring about dramatic changes and improvements quickly.”