How Can You Sound More Professional in Your Home Studio?

Home Studio For Music

More and more people are staying home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Musicians and singers, in particular, are practicing at home as well as offering online concerts.

When you’re at home how can you sound better in your home studio? 

Purposeful Practices

For starters, don’t rush things. Take some time to practice a lot before actually pressing the “record” button. In fact, do a couple practice recordings first, where you can listen back and hear how your voice sounds. That way you can make corrections so you’re not wasting too much time making recordings that you won’t “use” or like later on. Oh, and when possible, have your lyrics and the melody memorized before actually recording your singing– that’s always a good thing. 

Microphone “Sweet Spot”

When using a microphone, some singers get too close and others get too far away. Figure out the “sweet spot” so your voice sounds best. Remember, the mic picks up everything, so be careful about “popping” words with p’s and b’s and “hissing” words with s’s and f’s. You can adjust the angle and distance to avoid these things. 

Add Your Emotion

Have you heard of shaping your vowels? If you want to increase the emotion, emphasize vowels with your voice and make consonants secondary. This adds more “character” to words. 

When recording in a home studio, picture your audience in front of you and sing to them. Some people sing to a teddy bear or a friend or family member– and that does help them communicate the song better. Ideally, you want to sing it like you mean it. And make listeners feel the emotion in your voice.

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