Why Some Singers Stop Taking Lessons

Why do some people stop with singing lessons? For some people, they stop singing lessons because they don’t like their teacher. With singing, it’s not just about learning skills, but also about being inspired. Great teachers do that– they inspire singers to strive for greatness and try new things and become better than they ever… Read more »

Is Singing a Talent or Skill?

If you ever watched American Idol, you know that some singers are better than others. What makes one singer “better” than another? Well, here’s the bigger question: Is singing a talent or a skill? Are people born to sing, with a natural talent that makes it seemingly effortless to sound great? Or do people have… Read more »

Tips for Eliminating Voice Breaks

Does your voice ever “break” when you’re trying to sing a particular note and/or hold it? Vocal breaks are common for singers. But can they be eliminated? Yes. Most vocal breaks happen when you’re either singing from a low note to a high one or vice versa. You might be singing too lightly or heavily… Read more »

How Can You Sound More Professional in Your Home Studio?

More and more people are staying home thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Musicians and singers, in particular, are practicing at home as well as offering online concerts. When you’re at home how can you sound better in your home studio?  Purposeful Practices For starters, don’t rush things. Take some time to practice a lot before… Read more »

How to Become a Great Songwriter

Are you an aspiring songwriter? If so, how can you improve your songwriting skills?  General Considerations First, do you know some of the rules of writing songs? If you listen to hit songs, they have certain things in common that “don’t break the rules.” People are used to hearing certain chord progressions. What are they?… Read more »

At What Age is Your Singing Voice Fully Developed?

At what age is your singing voice fully developed? The answer depends on whether you’re male or female, whether you train your voice (or not), the type of music you perform, and how often (or not) you practice technique (vocal exercises) rather than just trying to sing songs. Interestingly, your singing voice will actually change… Read more »

How Singers Can Find the Right Vocal Coach

So you’re looking for “the right vocal coach.” How do you find him or her? There are some key things to look for when selecting the right vocal coach to help you sing better. Experience Ideally, a vocal coach has experience as a singer, whether it’s formal training at a school (with a degree in… Read more »

How to Improve Your Music Career During the Pandemic

For those of us fortunate enough to still have our health during these difficult times, we find ourselves with more free time than we’ve had maybe ever before. It has been trying times for those of us who love music and rely on live gigs, since depending on where you live, putting on a concert… Read more »

Reasons to Sign Up For Zoom Singing Lessons

Few things in modern history have disrupted the world around us more than the COVID-19 pandemic. With so much free time and limits as to what you’re able to do in public, singers of all levels are stressing as they ponder when they’ll be able to once again entertain a crowd through the magnificence of… Read more »

How Should You Train Your Voice for Auditions?

If you’re a singer and you go to a sporting event, you’ll notice so many people are shouting, screaming, hooting and hollering… they’re so loud and boisterous. Now, as a singer, you probably recognize that your voice needs to be treated with care, and you shouldn’t join in like all the others. Oh sure, you… Read more »