How to Improve Your Music Career During the Pandemic

Online Singing Lessons

For those of us fortunate enough to still have our health during these difficult times, we find ourselves with more free time than we’ve had maybe ever before. It has been trying times for those of us who love music and rely on live gigs, since depending on where you live, putting on a concert with attendees may not be option for in the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, with every challenge comes an opportunity, and downtime caused by the pandemic is a chance for musicians of all levels to improve and put themselves in better position for success whenever we finally return to a sense of normalcy.

With that in mind, what are some things you can do to help further your career and become a better musician?

  • Take online music lessons. Thanks to technology that we only could have dreamed about even 20-30 years ago, musicians are no longer relegated to only being able to take in person lessons with whichever local instructor is nearby. Now, you have access to some of the best voice coaches in the world, as they are just a skype or zoom session away. You can now get the best lessons all from the comfort in your own home, and not have to worry about wearing a mask for contracting the virus.
  • Learn how to play a new instrument. Whether you’re a singer, pianist, guitar player, drummer or play something else, learning a new instrument will make you a stronger musician in what you do best. There is a great book about the importance of having variance in life and trying to learn new things (the book is aptly called Range), and doing something different is a surefire way to form new patterns in your brain and become more well-rounded in what you do best.
  • You can improve your setup at home. Have you ever thought about the upgrades you’d like to make to your home music studio? If so, now is the ideal time! Take the time to customize it to look, sound and feel exactly the way you want it.
  • Practice with a purpose. Even if you don’t have a big upcoming concert to buckle down and gear up for, you should practice everyday like you do, and make the most of your free time. You’ll be happy you did when you can once again get back up on stage…where you belong!

Those are just a few examples of the things you can do stay busy during these trying days. Musicians, what have you done to work at your craft? Leave a comment and let us know.

If you’re interested in online singing lessons from the comfort of your home, contact Sing Like a Star today. We were doing virtual lessons all over the world long before the pandemic, and we are experts at making virtual lessons just like in-person ones!

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