A woman singing into a microphone at a concert.

Let us show you how to take your performing and singing skills to the next level!

Sing Like a Star Studios offers regular performance opportunities to currently enrolled students at a beautiful state-of-the-art professional theater. Our fun and inspiring Sing Like a Star Showcases give our singers the chance to put their new skills to work in a professional environment – the beautiful Strand Theater in Marietta Square!

The purpose of the Sing Like a Star Showcases is to give Sing Like a Star students a chance to showcase their new vocal skills in a professional theatre environment in order to become better performers and singers.

At Sing Like a Star we alternate between periods of focusing intensely on technique and vocal development and periods of also including performing, singing songs, and stage skills. You need both technique and performance opportunities to develop into a great singer!

We even have a professional choreographer to help you with your moves!

By performing in the showcases, Sing Like a Star students display their new vocal skills in a professional theater environment and become more experienced and polished performers and singers. Every time you perform, you will become more confident!

The Sing Like a Star Singers’ Showcases are for performers of all ages. From beginner to professional, we all improve with each performance we do!

At Sing Like a Star, you will learn all the skills needed to become a professional performer – all in one place!