Is My Vocal Range Changing?

John always loved to sing. When he was a little boy, he’d entertain at church, picnics, parties and more. Like most boys he had a “high voice” that “almost sounded like a girl’s voice.” He could hit high notes that singers like Mariah Carey hit! As John became a teenager, hormones kicked in and he… Read more »

Why Don’t I Like My Recorded Voice?

Have you ever met a person who doesn’t like their picture taken? Chances are you have. They’ll tell you, “I don’t look good in photographs,” or “I don’t like the way I look in pictures.” People are very self-conscious and self-critical these days, especially in the era of selfies. Meanwhile, most people will tell you… Read more »

Can Your Teeth Affect Your Singing Voice?

In most people’s minds, we all want “perfect teeth,” don’t we? They should be straight, with no gaps, pearly white, and make you look like a million bucks, right? Singers especially want nice looking teeth, since they’ll be showing them off to audiences. But what about people with “bad teeth?” Sometimes, “bad teeth” actually help… Read more »

The Benefits of Online Singing Lessons

In the old days, if you wanted singing lessons you had to literally go somewhere and sit (or stand) with an instructor, in-person, typically for an hour at an agreed upon time and place. But, thanks to technology, online singing lessons are currently available from companies like Sing Like A Star. What are some of… Read more »

The Traits of a Great Songwriter

If you want to study a “great songwriter” for our modern times, then you should definitely research the name “Max Martin.” He was born Martin Sandberg in 1971. The Swedish songwriter has written or co-written more than 20 number-one hit songs on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Any of these songs ring a bell? Katy… Read more »

Stage Presence: Are Your Born With It Or Can You Develop It?

Can you develop stage presence? Yes, you definitely can. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s not so much how well you sing as it is how well you communicate a song to an audience that matters. There’s something about the exchange between a singer and their audience that’s magical or spiritual, or somewhere in between…. Read more »

A Head Voice vs. A Chest Voice

If you ever take singing lessons you’re likely to hear your instructor talk about head voice and chest voice. Most people talk and sing without giving it much thought, right? But an instructor will have you think about where you’re talking and singing from… are you using your chest to produce sound or your head… Read more »

Here’s How You Can Avoid Voice Issues From Singing

You’d be surprised at how many professional singers smoke cigars! This is not good for a regular person’s vocal cords, much less a professional singer’s, either. Basically, tobacco smoke irritates and dries the vocal cords. This causes them to swell up so they can’t work properly. If you consider yourself a singer, and you don’t… Read more »

What Should You Prioritize When Selecting a Singing Instructor?

So you want to sing better. Maybe you want a wider range so you can hit low or high notes you never hit before? Or maybe you want to improve your tone or clarity? Whatever it is, there are some things you should consider when looking for a singing instructor. Style of Music First, look… Read more »

Reasons to Take Guitar Lessons

If you’ve been thinking about taking lessons to play a musical instrument, you might want to go with the guitar and here’s why: it’s so portable. It’s the one instrument that can end up nearly anywhere, easily, from bars to beaches, bonfires to malls, and everywhere in between. If you take piano, you’ve got to… Read more »