How You Can Extend Your Vocal Range From the Comfort Of Your Home

Tricia Grey, the founder of Sing Like A Star, has had much success with her students over the years. There’s Angelica Hale, a runner-up on America’s Got Talent, as well as Jennifer Geller, a Broadway actress/singer who has been in Rock of Ages, Bring It On, and Hamilton, and, of course, various competitors on both American Idol and The Voice. Some people like to sing in their showers. Others want to sing in front of audiences– big, appreciative audiences… and those are the people Sing Like A Star helps develop!

Become an Extraordinary Singer

Increasing Vocal Range

There’s a unique method that Sing Like A Star has come up with that helps propel ordinary singers into the stratosphere of extraordinary singing and performing… and now it’s available as an amazing self-study course you can do at home without having to drive somewhere for in-person, expensive lessons. The affordable Sing Like A Star science-based instructional manual will teach you how your voice works. Then there are hundreds of recorded vocal exercises you can use to help take your voice from beginner to professional. Want to “riff and run” like the stars? This sequential skill-building course will train you well. All you have to do is press “play” and pay attention. There’s also a bonus section covering important topics like “How to write your own songs” and “How to break into the music business.” If you’re a singer who is ready to get started, go here.

How about those who’d like to be successful voice teachers who get results? Now Tricia Grey’s Sing Like A Star offers an amazing self-study course for voice teachers! With an extensive, science-based instructional manual, as well as hundreds of recorded vocal exercises you can work with, this course means you don’t have to be tied to a piano. Now you can be more involved and interactive with students, with exercises progressing from basic to advanced. Need some guidance as a voice teacher? Now you’ve found it.

Sing Like A Star is happy to offer these two aforementioned course options: one for singers and one for voice teachers. Take advantage of them today! 

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