Becoming Educated: Music Degree Programs

“If you understand others you are smart. If you understand yourself you are illuminated. ― LaoTzu, Tao Te Ching This blog will be helpful for those students who are thinking of transferring after the first semester, and will serve as a great resource for high school seniors who are now starting to really think about… Read more »

Auditioning for College Musical Theatre Programs

Tricia Grey, MM Deciding to pursue a degree in musical theater means you are serious about making performing your job after graduation.  These programs are highly selective; only a few spots are available each year and there are hundreds of applicants so the competition to be accepted is fierce (as it is in the real… Read more »

How to Nail a Musical Theatre Audition

Tricia Grey, MM Every large city has local theater companies as well as professional theaters that cast for their shows.  Many cities have auditions called Unified Auditions.  These are annual professional auditions that allow Equity, qualifying non-Equity, and Emerging Artists 18 years and older to audition before fifty or more local and regional theater companies. … Read more »

Singing and Self-Talk

Our self-talk, or the ways in which we talk to and think about ourselves, can have a huge impact on the success or failure of our careers and lives. As we go about our daily lives we are constantly interpreting each situation we find ourselves in and reacting to that situation either positively or negatively. … Read more »

Tips for Keeping Your Singing Voice at Top Quality

While much of what goes into making a performance great comes down to overall talent and your ability to exude charisma, confidence and control through your vocals, never underestimate the power of hard work and experience. For example, the more experience you have, the more you will understand how your environment and the situations you… Read more »

Vocal Hygiene: The Best Drinks and Food to Keep You Hydrated

Life is pretty busy these days. It can be hard to remember to do everything we need to do, when it needs to get done; this unfortunately can often include giving our bodies the attention they need to perform. And not just perform in a performance aspect, but perform through everything our day throws at… Read more »

Mind and Body: New Year’s Resolutions for Performers

Happy New Year to you all! The holidays are always the most hectic time of year, and time really does just fly away. With that said it’s unbelievably already January 2nd, and if you haven’t come up with New Year’s resolutions for 2014, you may think you’re off the hook; think again! There’s still plenty… Read more »

Give Back Using Your Gift: Sing For Charity

It’s a beautiful time of year to celebrate life through music. Professional singers, artists, and musicians have gifts that they can share with the world during this season of giving; and there are many ways to give back with those talents for charity. Sing for Hope is an organization where professional artists and singers can offer… Read more »

Vocal Health and Nutrition: Fuel for Your Voice

Whether you’re considering nutrition to lose weight, because you have a limiting diet, or because you simply want to ensure your health for the future, nutrition is a hot topic across the board these days; and that’s not a bad thing. In not-so-distant years past, it seemed as though America specifically let their health decline… Read more »

Learning to Utilize and Benefit from Performance Anxiety

The title of this blog may seem laugh-worthy to some. Performance anxiety is a real problem for so many and no laughing matter. It can hinder a performance and restrict a person’s true talents to a highly discouraging level. Getting rid of it is seemingly impossible to the many who suffer from it, and to… Read more »