Broadway Shows Worth Seeing in 2017

Summer is starting to settle in and the Broadway show list is starting to heat up as a result, and we’ve highlight four must-see shows. Hello, Dolly! If you like Bette Midler (and who doesn’t love Bette Midler?) add “Hello, Dolly!” to your must-see list this summer. After a twenty year break from Broadway, “Hello,… Read more »

Sara Bareilles Makes Personal Debut on Broadway

In early November, we shared a post regarding the Broadway musical Waitress, written by famous singer-songwriter and musician, Sara Bareilles. Waitress has been showing on Broadway for quite some time but it wasn’t until recently that Bareilles committed to playing the lead role herself for a 10 week period through June 11, 2017. Bareilles started… Read more »

Broadway’s First All-Female Creative Team Led By Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles, famously known for her top hit songs “Love Song” (2007) and “Brave” (2013) is a singer, songwriter, and musician. She has a selection of albums filled with relatable lyrics and heartfelt piano riffs. Sara Bareilles recently added more credentials to her resume by becoming a Broadway composer and lyricist. Both the music and… Read more »

Why ‘Hamilton’ is a Tremendous Hit

If you have not yet heard about the musical “Hamilton,” you have likely not turned on a television, opened a newspaper, or flipped through a magazine in months. “Hamilton” has been a reoccurring topic on major media outlets for a year including Vanity Fair, CNN, and the New Yorker. People can’t get enough of the… Read more »

Music Competition Shows & Why We Love Them

Being in the music industry, it is hard to ignore all of the talent that is out there. When a new show premiers on television, like The Voice, America Idol or America’s Got Talent, we can’t help but watch. But why are these shows so intriguing? The Voice We love The Voice because the name… Read more »

Five Advanced Musical Skills to Enhance Your Singing Voice

Skill One: Dynamics Crescendo means to get louder, and decrescendo/diminuendo means to get softer. We want to be able to do either of these without adding extrinsic interfering muscle. Increasing volume requires “just enough and not too much” increased air pressure and a corresponding increase in vocal fold tension. Decreasing volume involves a decrease in… Read more »

Breath Management and Appoggio: Breathing

Breathing is one of the most controversial and hotly debated topics in vocal pedagogy, second only to the debate about chest voice and belting. When we interview students and ask them what they think they need to improve most about their singing they often list breathing as their most important challenge. While breathing is not… Read more »

Breath Management and Appoggio: Posture

When we discuss breathing we must include posture. Without the correct posture for singing breath management is impossible. For optimal singing the chest must be high, the shoulders relaxed and back, and the body aligned. the head should be comfortably back (gently moving toward the back wall), the neck log, the knees slightly bent to… Read more »

Improving the Upper Register Mix with Italian Art Songs

Most of the students who come to us are interested only in singing popular music – which is often sadly limited to what they are exposed to on the radio and T.V. This is totally understandable. I remember starting voice lessons as a young teen and being very disappointed that my teacher had no idea… Read more »