Music Competition Shows & Why We Love Them

Being in the music industry, it is hard to ignore all of the talent that is out there. When a new show premiers on television, like The Voice, America Idol or America’s Got Talent, we can’t help but watch. But why are these shows so intriguing?

The Voice

We love The Voice because the name describes exactly what it’s all about! The four judges are not allowed to see the performer initially. They listen to the contestant’s voice, and if they like what they hear, they turn around and see the person behind that magnificent voice.

A few seasons ago our talented student Jamila Thompson was actually on The Voice.

American Idol

The first show of its kind, we love American Idol because we feel like we really get to know the contestants. American Idol would take us on a journey with them from beginning to end. It can be a totally life changing experience for the winner and those that make it far. Does anyone remember Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson’s beginning auditions? It was this incredible show that helped to make them into the superstars that they are today.

Our student Isabelle Pasqualone was on Season 12 of America Idol and you can watch her Road to Hollywood video here:

As the years go by there are bound to be more talent shows and singing shows on television. You can bet that we will be watching them, along with all of you. Feel free to share any of your favorite singers or television shows in the comments section below. If you want to begin your training or enhance your singing skills, give Sing Like a Star a call for an Intro Session. With practice, maybe one day you will be auditioning for your favorite talent show!

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  1. suparna

    Question. Please let me know
    1) I read the site came to know 2 times there will be singing showcase. My kid is 10 yrs , so will she get to perform 2 times in a year
    Or just 1 time out of the 2 shows.
    2) Will the Voice studio provide any INFORMATION of other opportunities like competitions and talent shows in and around GA. So that the students can perform on stage in different venues also cause getting information is very tough.


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