Miley Cyrus and The Voice: What the Singer Has to Offer as a Coach

Are you obsessed with The Voice like the rest of the world? You just can’t help yourself when Carson Daly comes on and you know that it is only a matter of time before Adam and Blake start taking jabs at one another. It is a nearly irresistible show to watch each week and we hold a special type of admiration for it, as a number of Sing Like a Star’s students have auditioned – including Jamila Thompson and Brooke Adee, who made it on the show in seasons 4 and 8!

This particular season, however, has a new and electrifying buzz about it. Why? Well aside from the fact that this is the first ever season of the show where two female coaches have joined the panel, everyone has been on edge to see what one of pop music’s most controversial singers will do. Of course, we’re talking about the one and only, Miley Cyrus.

When word first broke, plenty of people scoffed at the idea of Miley Cyrus being a coach on the show. Sure, her recent antics are a little out there, but let’s not forget the fact that she is truly a talented singer who has grown up in this business.

At 23 years old, Miley has already recorded seven studio albums and has had 17 singles chart the Billboard 100. It’s incredible accomplishments like these that have led veteran coaches Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera to call on her as an advisor in past seasons. Who could forget the way her dialed-in suggestions helped to elevate each contestant’s performances?

Getting back to her impressively young age, it’s also worth pointing out that of all of the other coaches on The Voice, Miley is obviously the most youthful– which is a good thing considering the average age of the contestants on this show. This is something we definitely feel will work in her favor, as she will probably be more relatable to her team. The singers she is mentoring will feel more comfortable and as such, be more open to constructive criticism.

Finally, we remind you that aside from growing up in the musical role of Hannah Montana, Miley’s father is a platinum-selling country artist and her godmother is the queen of country music herself, Dolly Parton. So not only does she know her way around the music industry (growing up in it tends to have its advantages), but her country roots and edgy popstar ways give her a sense of versatility that no other coach can touch.

All in all, we’ll certainly continue to watch Miley, Alicia, Adam and Blake all season long on The Voice! Will you? Will you be Team Miley?

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