Singing Lessons: Talent is Over-Rated

One of the most insidious and incorrect notions about singing talent is “Either you have it or you don’t”.  That psychologically damaging point of view prevents many people from even attempting to reach for their dream of becoming a good singer.  I recently had a student come to me whose mother constantly told her not… Read more »

Why Take Singing Lessons?

Do think that singing and voice lessons are only for opera singers?  Do you think that working with a voice teacher or vocal coach will change the unique quality of your voice?  Many Rock, Pop, Gospel and R & B singers who come to my Sing Like a Star vocal studios for lessons have these… Read more »

How to Breathe for Singing

Breathing correctly is one of the elements involved in good vocal production, but it is by no means the only important function.  I am always astounded when singers come to me from other teachers who have them do nothing but breathing exercises for weeks (or sometimes months).  These singers often become very good breathers but… Read more »

Singing Tips: How to Get More Edge in Your Sound

Frequently singers think they need more power in their sound, particularly in the Rock and Musical Theatre styles of singing.  Often singers who complain of a lack of power in the voice actually are not lacking in power, but in edge, or squillo.  Squillo can be developed in the voice by using the “voce di… Read more »

How to Sing High Notes with Mix

On the first session with a new student at my Sing Like a Star Studios, I always ask them “What would you most like to improve about your voice?”.  Almost everyone says that singing high notes with power is among their primary objectives.  Almost everyone who sings could use some assistance in learning how to… Read more »

How to Write Your Own Songs

Songwriting, just like singing, is not, as many people think, a mysterious talent that some people have and others do not.  Both singing and songwriting have very specific skill sets that must be mastered and can be taught.  The talent aspect comes in after you have invested yourself and learned  the fundamental skills and is… Read more »

Singing in Tune – Don’t be a Milli Vanilli!

Good intonation and pitch are (or should be) fundamental to the art of being a good singer.  Singers should consider themselves musicians, with the voice as their primary instrument.  What well trained musician would ever think of playing playing even slightly out of tune? Musicians who are serious about being good at their instrument do… Read more »

How to Sing Like Adele

British pop superstar Adele has had her share of vocal problems, and I discussed these at length in a prior blog, posted on my website.  For this blog I would like to explore the many wonderful things about Adele’s singing that have won her millions of loyal fans worldwide. What is it about her voice,… Read more »

Singing Tips: How to Sing with Vibrato

Vibrato is a variation in pitch that should happen when a singer sustains or holds out a note.  It makes the sound richer, fuller, and more professional sounding.  A good vibrato will make the vocal quality more beautiful, while an incorrectly produced vibrato can destroy the beauty of a voice.  A beautiful vibrato will occur… Read more »