How to Find the Right Key for your Song

How to Find the Right Key for your Song For singers, setting songs in the correct key is vitally important.  The right key can make the song not only easier to sing, but much more exciting to hear for the audience. Every so often, someone asks me “what key do I sing in”?  There is… Read more »

How to Correct Nasal Singing

How to Correct Nasal Singing Sometimes singers come to my studio with a pronounced nasal quality to their speaking voice, resembling Fran Drescher of “The Nanny”.  These students usually also show pronounced nasality in their singing voices as well.   Other students speak normally, but sing through the nose, sometimes as a result of techniques that… Read more »

Learning to Sing- the Three Step Process

Singers who come to my Sing Like a Star vocal studios who are interested in  learning to sing are helped by knowing that there is a basic 3 step process to creating  new and correct vocal functioning.  Each of the three steps requires different exercises and training, and are designed to create  different results.  Each… Read more »

Learn How to Sing by Connecting Vocal Registers

Learn How To Sing by  Connecting Vocal Registers Once you have experienced the feeling of singing in your chest voice (a theme I discussed in my prior blog), you want to also experience the feeling of singing in the head voice, and then you want to be able to connect the two vocal registers together,… Read more »

Learn How to Sing- Chest Voice

In this blog I will discuss how a singer can learn how to sing better in the chest voice, and why the chest register is so important for singing. In my blog posted on June 12, 2012 you will see a chart that I created called “Your Path to Vocal Development”.  You should refer to… Read more »

Learn How to Sing- What Voice Type are You?

Learn How to Sing- What Voice Type Are You? This blog is to discuss some basic vocal habits or tendencies so you, the singer, can have some idea about what category you might fall into, or what voice type you are. When students who want to learn how to sing, the first step is that… Read more »

Learn How to Sing with Mix

This blog will discuss how to learn how to sing, by understanding how to mix into the upper register. In my previous blog, I concluded by saying that the best and healthiest method of vocal production is the ability to mix registration when ascending in pitch from the chest register to the upper register.  In… Read more »

Learn How to Sing- What is Good Vocal Technique?

When you want to learn how to sing, you definitely need to understand the difference between a good vocal technique and a bad one. Most voice teachers teach by the cookie cutter method- a one size fits all approach where they give the same vocal exercises to every student who comes in the door, and… Read more »

Learn How to Sing- Vocal Development for Singers

I have realized in my teaching that students who want to learn how to sing might like to know that there is a “plan” for their vocal development, and that exercises that are given (by me, anyway) are not a “one size fits all” approach and are based on a path of vocal development that… Read more »

Singing Lessons- Atlanta Vocal Coach Tricia Grey interview

Atlanta vocal coach Tricia Grey, MM, interviewed by I Am Entertainent magazine.  There is some good vocal pedagogy information here, as well as some background info on Tricia Grey, MM, owner of Sing Like a Star Studios in greater Atlanta, GA, where you can get the world’s best singing lessons! For professional singing lessons in… Read more »