How to Sing like Beyoncé with “Register Balance”.

I have long admired the career path of Beyoncé Knowles, one of the most consistent vocalists performing today.  While some singers seem to come and go, with the constant changes in the fickle public taste, she has had a remarkably long-lived and prosperous career, and an equally reliable voice with few vocal issues and problems. … Read more »

How To Sing With Power

In all styles and genres of singing, one of the most sought after skills is more power. Many people think they sound pretty good singing along with their favorite star in the shower or in the car, but when they try to stand alone, they realize something is missing. That “something” is often the ability… Read more »

Singing Better High Notes

High notes are often the bane of a singer’s life. Great high notes can make the difference between an amazing performance that brings the crowd to its feet, or a mediocre one that barely gets noticed. Even great singers like Jennifer Hudson sometimes miss the mark, as seen on a performance of the National Anthem… Read more »

How to Sing better

Many people think singing is a natural gift- either you have talent, or you don’t. I disagree with that point of view. I believe talent is something that needs to be developed with training and discipline. Many times in my teaching and performing career, I have seen supposedly less talented individuals leave the so-called gifted… Read more »

How to Learn to Sing Like a Star!

What creates the star quality of voices such as Usher, Beyonce, or Carrie Underwood? Although each of these artists have chosen different vocal styles to sing in, they all have some things in common too. First: they sing with good pitch or intonation, without relying on the assistance of digital pitch correction in the studio. … Read more »

How to Become A Successful Singer by Establishing Priorities

How to Become A Successful Singer by Establishing Priorities Tricia Grey, MM Fact: there are exactly 24 hours in every day.  Fact:  as human beings, we do need to sleep and eat and work or go to school (most of us) for some of those hours.  So, sad-but-true fact:  if you have chosen to become… Read more »

How to Sing Stronger and Project Your Voice

How to Sing Stronger and Project Your Voice Singers who are weak and cannot project their voices usually sing with a very breathy tone quality as well.  Sometimes this is due to general timidity about being heard.  I try to convince these timid souls that projecting the voice is a good thing in singing, and… Read more »

How to Find the Right Key for your Song

How to Find the Right Key for your Song For singers, setting songs in the correct key is vitally important.  The right key can make the song not only easier to sing, but much more exciting to hear for the audience. Every so often, someone asks me “what key do I sing in”?  There is… Read more »

How to Correct Nasal Singing

How to Correct Nasal Singing Sometimes singers come to my studio with a pronounced nasal quality to their speaking voice, resembling Fran Drescher of “The Nanny”.  These students usually also show pronounced nasality in their singing voices as well.   Other students speak normally, but sing through the nose, sometimes as a result of techniques that… Read more »

Learning to Sing- the Three Step Process

Singers who come to my Sing Like a Star vocal studios who are interested in  learning to sing are helped by knowing that there is a basic 3 step process to creating  new and correct vocal functioning.  Each of the three steps requires different exercises and training, and are designed to create  different results.  Each… Read more »