Reasons to Sign Your Child Up For Singing Lessons

Singing Lessons for Children

Jack is great at sports. Renee excels on the debate team. What about their sibling, Morgan? What is she good at? The family isn’t sure, just yet… and neither is Morgan. She’s kind of shy. Most of the attention goes to her siblings and she sometimes feels lost in the shuffle… But what about singing lessons? Her parents sign her up and though she’s not sure she wants to do them, she gives it a go. Morgan discovers, over time, that her voice is actually really good. She gets to sing some of her favorite songs. Her confidence and self-esteem grow. She joins the church choir and soon she’s doing solos on Sundays! Now she has found her “thing”– singing. And this is true for so many kids just like Morgan– they discover they’re good singers and they become known and respected for that!

What are some reasons to sign your child up for singing lessons with Sing Like a Star?

A Resource to Help Express Him or Herself

Well, lessons help improve a child’s ability to express themselves through song. They get out of their shells. They emote. They practice. They get better… and pretty soon, a formerly shy, confused kid has some confidence… some swagger! Isn’t it nice to know that singing lessons can improve a youngster’s self-esteem? You bet! 

Improvement Academically

Singing lessons help kids academically. Learning music involves all sorts of stuff, such that math, reading, language, etc. are all part of the process! Basically, singing lessons are good for the brain. They also enhance a kid’s social development, which can prove useful, especially later in life when they have the confidence to speak in public and make friends when others are too shy.

Sharper Recollections

How about improving a kid’s memory? They have to practice. They have to repeat. They learn lyrics. Music helps train the brain to remember things– in a fun and engaging way. Memorization skills improve, as well as a child’s focus and concentration. 

Better Communication Skills

Working with a coach involves two-way communication. Kids work on their articulation, diction, intonation, and tone in order to improve their singing– and this helps not just in singing, but in their everyday life, as well. Singers are communicators. Want your kid to be a great communicator? Get them singing lessons. 

A Stronger

Finally, it makes sense to sign your child up for singing lessons so they can learn about feelings and emotions… and how to connect songs with those feelings and emotions. Being a performer, they’ll learn about reading an audience, checking other people’s body language and reactions, and basically, how others are feeling– after all, music tends to make people feel things, right? Singers have the unique ability to trigger emotional responses with the songs they sing– a good ballad can get everyone in a room crying, for example.

Do you have a kid in your life who could benefit from singing lessons? Sing Like a Star offers singing lessons for children. Please use our contact page to get started.

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