How to Prepare For a Showcase Performance

Have you been working on your singing voice and performance style? Have you been hoping to show off what you’ve learned in front of an audience? Then a showcase performance is what you should do! 

Improve Your Vocal Skills For Your Next Showcase

Preparing for a Singing Showcase

Sing Like a Star gives students a chance to showcase their vocal skills in a professional theatre environment. It’s a chance for students to perform songs on stage, under hot lights, in front of a crowd that’ll clap and cheer for them. All their hard work pays off after a showcase performance, when they finally get to live the dream of performing in front of an audience. Sing Like a Star typically hosts two showcases per year– one in the Spring and one in the Fall. 

If you’re preparing for your showcase performance, what are some tips?

Set List

First, you’ll want to figure out your set-list of songs. Which songs do you sing the best? Which songs do you really connect with? You’ll want to perform “your best,” because then you’ll be confident on stage. Pick at least one upbeat song that’ll get the crowd clapping and perhaps dancing along, and then pick at least one slow ballad that can showcase your vocal range in a good way. If the slow, emotional song makes people cry, that’s a bonus– that means it’s really touching them. 


Next, use your showcase to connect with people who can further your career. You might want to invite some people from the community who can eventually be your manager, booker, publicist, record label rep, etc. Or invite “someone who knows someone” so they can see what you do and then tell their “high up” friend about you! 

Marketing Campaign

Thirdly, get a social media campaign going to inform people that you’ll be performing– and let them know the details. You’ll need to tell people “who, what, when, where and why.” Give them an incentive to attend, such as “free pizza” or “a free CD/download.” 


Also, you’ll want to take time practicing your songs before the showcase, as well as your moves. You can do this in front of a mirror and/or in front of friends and family. Ask them for feedback. Ideally, you want to be confident in your showcase performance– rather than nervous or worse– unprepared. Do what you can to remember the lyrics to your songs so you don’t have to read them off a phone or piece of paper.

Look and Feel Your Best

Finally, get your clothes, your body and your mind ready– you’ll want to look and feel your best for your showcase. Visit and make sure that your smile is on point. People will be taking pictures and videos, so make sure your hair, skin, teeth, etc. look good… and that your clothes fit “the style of the songs” and fit you well, too!

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