How to Become a Great Songwriter

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Are you an aspiring songwriter? If so, how can you improve your songwriting skills? 

General Considerations

First, do you know some of the rules of writing songs? If you listen to hit songs, they have certain things in common that “don’t break the rules.” People are used to hearing certain chord progressions. What are they? They like verses and choruses in a certain order. It’s a good idea to know some of these basic rules if you’re going to write songs people want to hear. 

Find the Right Mentor

Next, consider working with a mentor– someone who knows more than you do, and can steer you in the right direction. Having a mentor means having guidance, and that can be really helpful, especially if you feel “stuck,” like your songwriting is “going nowhere.” Sometimes all it takes is someone’s professional opinion or advice to transform your song into something amazing! 

What’s This Song About?

When writing songs, start with the end in mind. In other words, what do you want the song to say? How could you sum it up with how it would finish, word-wise? What do you want people to remember after hearing your song? In many cases, a song tells a story, and there’s a beginning and end to that story. Songwriting is about taking ideas and putting them to music and making it all make some sort of sense. If you know where you want the song to go/end-up, then you have a destination to work toward, giving your listener a payoff at the end. 

Music Industry Trends

These days, there are certain trends in hit music. You need to listen to what’s in the Top 10 and write “that way,” if you want to have a Top 10 hit. Analyze songs you enjoy and then make your version(s). Keep this mind: “What will the listener love about my song? What will they relate to?” 

Songwriting is a skill. If you want to improve your songwriting skill(s), then work with Tricia Grey– she has the experience in music , having worked with top names in the business, to help you develop your songs so they’re radio-ready. Even if you don’t play an instrument, you can still be quite a songwriter. Tricia’s “Sing Like a Star” is not just about singing– it’s also songwriting lessons. See this page for more info. And if you’d like some help developing your songs, please call 404-790-1830

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  1. Maggie Herring

    I’d like assistance with virtual singing lessons and songwriting. I’ve been singing for a while so I’d like to get comfortable with writing and more comfortable and confident with my voice.


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