How Singers Can Find the Right Vocal Coach

Professional Singing Instructor

So you’re looking for “the right vocal coach.” How do you find him or her? There are some key things to look for when selecting the right vocal coach to help you sing better.


Ideally, a vocal coach has experience as a singer, whether it’s formal training at a school (with a degree in vocal performance (a Bachelor’s/Master’s in Music, for example)) or real-life “gigging” experience performing live shows for hundreds or thousands of paying fans. It’s nice if he or she is a product of both formal training and “informal on-the-job” lessons!

Understands the Genre

It’s important to find a coach who likes and understands the specific genre you like and understand. For example, someone who loves singing songs from musicals should have a teacher who knows and likes musicals! Singing R&B is different from singing hard rock or jazz standards. An aspiring country singer would benefit from working with a coach who knows who Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are. An aspiring Broadway singer should find a coach who loves “West Side Story,” “Wicked,” and/or “Phantom of the Opera.” 

Trust Factor

Some people you will “vibe with.” Others you won’t. The “right” coach is someone you’ll feel comfortable talking with, listening to, and singing for… he or she “gets you” and you’re okay with them offering you constructive criticism. Much like picking someone to date, picking a coach involves seeing how well you two “get along.” If you get along well, then great! 

Find Someone to Challenge You!

Finally, seek out the kind of coach who can challenge you so it’s not “too easy” or “too boring.” That said, if he or she literally wears you out with one session, pushing you too hard, then maybe that’s not the right for you.  

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