How Should You Train Your Voice for Auditions?

If you’re a singer and you go to a sporting event, you’ll notice so many people are shouting, screaming, hooting and hollering… they’re so loud and boisterous. Now, as a singer, you probably recognize that your voice needs to be treated with care, and you shouldn’t join in like all the others. Oh sure, you can cheer a team on, but without straining your voice like so many other people do! 

Training Your Singing Voice

You need to think of your voice like an athlete thinks of his or her body. Your voice matters to what you do and therefore it needs training and care and rest. Therefore, you don’t want to overuse it. You need to get rest/good sleep. And it’s important to eat a nutritious, healthy diet that helps the voice rather than hurts it (or your body). 

Some singers try to sound like other singers but here’s some good advice: just be you when singing. When people attempt to sound like someone else, they’re usually forcing their voice to sing outside its comfort zone, and, thus, straining it. This could lead to vocal injury. Avoid it.

When you’re getting ready for an audition or show, you need to build up your body and voice… so pace yourself and make sure you do exercises. This includes practicing vocal warmups with a coach as well as gym workouts where you get your body moving and work on your breathing and stamina and core. 

Finally, drink more water than you do now because you’re probably not drinking enough– so many people are dehydrated. If you have dry chapped lips or frequent headaches, you’re probably dehydrated. Drinking enough water not only helps your overall health but also allows your mucus to act like a lubricant for your voice– rather than a glue. Before you have to sing, avoid certain products that could affect your voice.. And when you perform, be confident on stage rather than meek and mild. People are looking up to you– so open up that mouth of yours and wow them.

Sing Like a Star will help get you in shape for your audition/show… please use the contact page for more info.

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