What ages and levels do you work with?

All ages and all levels from beginner to professional, and all styles of music are welcome at Sing Like a Star studios.

* Singers who are highly motivated or would like to have professional careers should study with studio owner Tricia Grey, MM.

Student goals range from wanting to sing karaoke, to sing in a church choir, wanting to be cast in a high school musical, having a bucket list, all the way to aspirations of being a professional in the competitive music industry. We are here to help all singers achieve their goals.

The only requirement is the ability to commit to at least 20-30 minutes per day of practice.


We are often asked “how soon should my child start studying voice?” The answer is that it’s never too soon to start! Young children love to imitate sounds and sing, and often pick up bad vocal habits along the way. Why not start them off with the right vocal training and a vocal technique that will enable them to sing their favorite musical theatre or pop songs in a healthy manner?

Why not lay the foundation for a lifetime of good singing?

Visit the Lessons for Children tab to learn more! Our staff of experts works with professional level singers, as well as providing lessons for children, starting as young as 3-8 years, in our LITTLE STARS program.

You will get an evaluation when you come in for your consultation that will explain your child’s vocal category and the specific steps we take to develop that particular category voice- all voices are not alike! Your Associate Teacher will be able to discuss with you exactly why they are doing each exercise, the objective of each of the Eight Steps, and how each step works specifically for your child’s voice.

We don’t just do exercises-we sing songs too! And our singers sing them really well, and improve very quickly- if they practice the exercises.


If you can’t afford lessons with Master Teacher Tricia Grey, MM, you can learn the same great vocal technique by studying with our highly qualified Associate Teachers for less than half the price! Our SLaS Associate Teachers have been trained in the Sing Like a Star method, they have university degrees (several Master’s Degrees among them) and many years’ experience teaching, both privately and in the in the Atlanta school system.

They undergo rigorous training and testing to be certified to teach the Sing Like a Star method. They are professional singers and have performed professionally on the Atlanta music scene for years. Besides providing the best vocal training going, our Associates also offer guitar, piano, and songwriting instruction.

When you meet with your Associate Teacher for your GETTING TO KNOW YOU introductory lesson they will design a lesson plan just for you, based on their evaluation of your vocal category and objectives for improvement, working closely with studio owner Tricia Grey on an ongoing basis to make sure your vocal needs are met.

All curriculum is based on The Eight Steps of Vocal Development, a sequential skill-building course that efficiently develops muscular skills and coordination. Visit the LESSONS FOR LESS with Associate Teachers tab on the dropdown under Rates/Classes to find out more.


We do want you to know that we require 20-30 minutes per day of practice for anyone over 8. That is the only way muscular change and improvement occurs. Parents- you have to be very proactive, sometimes all the way through high school! That is the nature of the developing brain. But, if you create good practice habits young, they will be sustained for life!

Here is why the practicing habit (at least when you do it correctly) is sometimes a struggle for singers of ALL ages: Anything that is a habit has been done so many times that there is a neuropathway in the brain, a kind of groove, that means we don’t have to think about it any more. It’s easy. It’s fun. Singing will be that way someday, I promise! But….any time we are trying to change a habit, or learn a new habit, this takes attention and focus. Mindlessly warming up does nothing to create new habits.

Standing in front of a mirror and paying attention to the goals of each practice session as you vocalize along with your most current lesson with focused attention will create new habits. Which means that, someday, you won’t have to think about it- because it is second nature! You have, through many repetitions, created a new neuropathway in your brain. The more you reinforce a good habit the stronger it gets. That’s the problem with skipping practice days- you weaken the connection.

We want you to get to the place where you can take you attention off technique, and you can focus your attention on emotionally delivering your song, when you are onstage, instead of “here comes the high note- what am I supposed to do?” That is the payoff of good practice- you create a good habit.

So-called “talent” actually means very little, in the long run. How hard you work at something, and how many times you repeat a skill with focused attention, actually determine success.

For all questions about lessons at SLaS please visit this page: LINKS TO REVIEW BEFORE BOOKING


Please email our Sing Like a Star support team at support@singlikeastar.com or call our support team at 404-790-1830 Monday-Friday, 10-6 pm EST.

We look forward to helping you Sing Stronger…Sing Higher…and Sing like a Star!