What can I do to reach my goals quickly?

The smartest investment in your vocal future is a weekly (or twice weekly) Sing Like A Star voice lesson and daily practice! 30 minutes of practice per day, every day will work miracles.
Parents should be aware that most children and teenagers are probably not going to acquire this habit completely on their own. You will need to monitor this new behavior and reinforce positive efforts. Sometimes this habit is acquired slowly, over time, as students begin to see the valuable payoff to good practice habits.

To reach your goals faster, you should practice twice a day, for 20-30 minutes by singing along with your recorded lesson, while standing in front of a mirror, with attention focused on the skill you are trying to improve.

The more focused you are during practice sessions, and the more consistently you practice, the more quickly you will improve.

Focused repetition encourages the development of myelin, leading to automatic good habits. Scattered practice, unfocused practice, or inconsistent practice is far less likely to result in the attainment of automatic good habits.


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