What styles do you teach?

At Sing Like A Star studios you will learn to sing in any style you prefer, including gospel, blues, rock, pop, jazz, musical theatre, country and R & B. We tailor your instruction to make you the best singer possible in the music styles you love! SLaS inspires, empowers, and educates a wide-ranging clientele from every musical category. Rock, pop, country, jazz, R & B, gospel, Contemporary Christian, and musical theatre singers develop the vocal skills at Sing Like A Star Studios that allow them to shine in their chosen musical style.

All style is based on good vocal technique. With a sound foundation of good technique, you will be free to improvise and take chances with your voice, confident that you can rely on your voice to work correctly every time.

Step 8 of The Eight Steps of Vocal Development is Style. In this step we teach you step-by-step to riff and run, from the most common riffs and runs of today’s hits to the blues and pentatonic scales and the riffs and runs that have developed from them. We teach you how to create your own riffs and runs, rather than simply being an imitator.


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We look forward to helping you Sing Stronger…Sing Higher…and Sing like a Star!