What will Sing Like A Star vocal training do for me?

At Sing Like A Star Studios, you will learn to sing stronger, sing higher, and sing with complete confidence, in all styles including gospel, blues, rock, pop, jazz, musical theatre, country and R & B. You will develop amazing high notes, great power and control, and the ability to sing licks, runs and vocal riffs, just like your favorite artist. You will develop your own unique style too! You will learn to create your own riffs and runs.
Your voice will be healthy, strong, and beautiful, and you will experience freedom from vocal strain. You will be able to sing with power and flexibility from your lowest notes to your highest notes, with an octave of at least three octaves. You will eliminate voice breaks by learning how to bridge. Bridging is the art of transitioning through the passaggio, or passageway between lower register and upper register.

You will learn to sing with soul, emotion, and flexibility. And, best of all, your voice will remain healthy for a lifetime of singing if you continue to practice the principles of good vocal production that you will learn at Sing Like a Star studios.

Sing Like A Star Vocal training is unlike any method in existence today. This world- renowned vocal development technique will eliminate straining and vocal breaks. You will learn to sing from very low to very high with a consistent vocal quality. You will develop powerful high notes, effortless control, and the contemporary vocal quality of today’s artists with SLaS vocal training!

Your voice will be strong, connected, and balanced, with dramatically increased vocal range, power, and vocal control. You will be able to sing any style of music you choose, with a healthy, flexible, and powerful sound. You will learn to sing licks, runs and riffs for R & B or gospel styling. At Sing Like A Star Studios you will become a confident singer because you know your voice will work correctly- every time! You will learn to be the artist you always dreamed you could be.

You will sing the style of music YOU love to sing rather than a teacher’s favorite style of music. We believe singers should be empowered to sing in the styles they prefer; we teach all styles- rock, gospel, R & B, musical theatre, contemporary Christian, pop, jazz, and country.

You will also learn to be a great performer- a very important skill! You will have the opportunity to perform in the Sing Like a Star Singers’ Showcases, held every spring and fall at a professional theater. Singers need a goal and a chance to incorporate performance and vocal technique skills as they improve. The more you perform, the better performer you become. Our Sing Like a Star Singers’ Showcases are just the place for singers of all experience levels from beginner to professional to evolve and grow!
Your vocal development is planned, logical, and organized. It is based on specific objectives. The SLaS method is based on the latest research in the fields of vocology and vocal science- geared toward contemporary vocal styles!

The Eight Steps of Vocal Development begins with the foundation of good singing- breath management, otherwise known as appoggio (Step 1). Then we build and develop the lower register of the voice (Step 2), followed by the upper register (Step 3). Then we begin connecting those registers together so you have one connected, strong, and consistent sound (Step 4 and Step 5). The higher steps of development emphasize things like vibrato, dynamics, and flexibility (Step 6). In Step 7 we work on songs and applying your new technique to make the songs work. And Step 8 is really fun- riffs and runs- learning to sing with style! Those steps build a reliable and efficient vocal technique that allows you to focus on your performance, secure in the knowledge that your voice will work- every time!

The SLaS method is a specific, logical, and organized plan of development with definable and measurable objectives for each step of your skill-building. Each step has specific and measurable objectives; your teacher will be glad to discuss these objectives with you so you will know how you are doing. You will always know where you are in your path of vocal training and what your next goal will be!

At Sing Like a Star you will see immediate changes in your voice and you will know exactly why you are doing each exercise. Because you are on a specifically designed path of development- The Eight Steps of Vocal Development- you will know exactly how far you have come, and what lies ahead. Your vocal development is based on specific objectives and definable outcomes. It is not just random and inefficient “warming up”, but a sequential and planned program of skill building that is designed to develop specific muscles in a specific order for a specific result.


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We look forward to helping you Sing Stronger…Sing Higher…and Sing like a Star!