Why do I need this training?

1. You need this training because you can’t teach yourself.

Very few people can teach themselves to sing correctly. One reason is that we can’t hear ourselves correctly. If you have ever been surprised to hear your speaking voice on a recording, you will know this is true. Self-taught singers often incorporate incorrect muscles, called the extrinsic muscles, instead of relying on the correct intrinsic muscles. The extrinsic swallowing muscles pull the larynx upward when they engage. To sing well, you need a stable and relaxed larynx, and the vocal folds need to stretch and lengthen for higher pitches. If this does not occur, excessive air pressure blasts against the vocal folds in order to raise pitch. This is damaging to the fragile vocal folds. When you muscle up, you tend to stay stuck in your chest voice- and then strain to sing higher notes- until you crack. That can be so embarrassing! Then if you want to sing even higher, you will be singing with a breathy, weak sound called falsetto. Good vocal training builds in the correct neuro-muscular response so that you automatically make the correct choices when you sing. The best approach to singing encourages balanced registration; the lower register and upper register are equally strong, and you transition smoothly between the registers.

2. You need this training because most of the vocal training that is available will not get you the results you want.

  1. Often, vocal training is presented with vague or undefined objectives, little feedback, and very little if any real skill building; lessons consist of a random and ineffective warm-up followed by numerous repetitions of a song, with little long-term improvement.
    This is not going to do much toward building new vocal skills.
    One thing you probably already realize is that with these methods, you haven’t been getting much better.

At Sing Like a Star we have a better plan. Your vocal development is based on specific objectives and definable outcomes.

  1. Teaching Mix is a highly specialized skill- one that requires many years of intensive training. This is not a skill taught in University programs.
    At Sing Like A Star Studios you will learn the vocal technique of the stars from a music industry expert who has been there- Tricia Grey, MM is a professional singer and voice teacher with an unbeatable combination of music degrees, research in vocal science, and 30+ years of professional performing and teaching.

You need a strong mix to be able to compete in today’s vocal market. The mix is the strong upper register that sounds like you are singing in your chest voice all the way up to extremely high pitches without strain, creating a powerful and exciting sound. Sing Like a Star vocal training will teach you to sing with a healthy, yet powerful vocal production that will develop the sound YOU want to have for the music YOU want to sing!

At Sing Like A Star you learn how to mix into your upper register with power and control, you eliminate vocal breaks, your range expands tremendously, you have great high notes, the flexibility for riffs and runs, and best of all, you are doing all this in a healthy manner so your voice will be spectacular for a lifetime.


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We look forward to helping you Sing Stronger…Sing Higher…and Sing like a Star!