Why is Sing Like A Star the best studio for me?

We bring you a unique combination of higher education and music business experience:
  • 30+ years in the music business working with many of the top names in the industry, along with a commitment to higher education and research. There are several Master’s degrees among the Sing Like a Star Instructors.We bring you a rare combination of real world experience and educational excellence. All SLaS teachers have extensive performing careers combined with a commitment to higher education.
  • SLaS vocal training- the Technique of the Stars. This balanced registration and mix training develops the power, incredible high notes, consistency, and contemporary sounds that make you infinitely valuable to today’s music economy.
  • Songwriting instruction- your ticket to the industry. Very few singers become successful on their voice alone- learn to write hit songs at SLaS.
  • Performance opportunities at our Sing Like a Star Singers’ Showcases.
  • Connections with the music business and referrals of qualified students.
  • Convenience- you can take lessons using the internet to save driving time.
  • Quick results- you will see immediate changes in your voice and you will reach your goals quickly!

At Sing Like a Star Studios we offer many classes including: Voice Lessons, Songwriting, Piano and Guitar, Lessons for Children, and Performance Opportunities. We even offer a Lessons for Less program with our highly qualified and trained Sing Like a Star Associate Teachers.

Sing Like A Star Studios is the premier source for voice and songwriting instruction in Atlanta-and throughout the world with online singing lessons- where you will:

  • Sing higher and stronger with NO vocal strain!
  • Eliminate voice breaks!
  • Sing well in the style of music YOU like-R & B, gospel, musical theatre, rock, pop, country, contemporary Christian, jazz!
  • Sing riffs, runs, and licks- with style!
  • Record in the studio!
  • Write your own songs!
  • Develop your performing skills and artistry by performing in professional showcases!
  • Sing with the vocal technique used by today’s top recording artists and Broadway stars!
  • Develop the power, consistency, range, flexibility, and natural sound most sought after by the music industry’s most successful producers!

Founded in by renowned vocal coach Tricia Grey, MM, SLaS provides unparalleled training to aspiring and professional singers of every musical genre. Sing Like A Star brings world-class vocal instruction to the greater Atlanta area with in-person lessons at our two conveniently located studios- SLaS East Cobb 30068 and SLaS Alpharetta 30004-30009), and even more convenient vocal training from anywhere in the world with online voice lessons which are one-on-one, face-to-face lessons that are recorded (video and audio) so you can practice! You can have the world’s best vocal training delivered right to your home, car, office, or hotel!

SLaS inspires, empowers, and educates a wide-ranging clientele from every musical category. Rock, pop, country, jazz, R & B, gospel, contemporary Christian, and musical theatre singers develop the vocal skills at Sing Like A Star Studios that allow them to shine in their chosen musical style.

At SLaS we teach balanced registration and mix- bel canto singing for contemporary singers! This is world-class training for contemporary and popular styles of singing, based on scientific research. We develop and coordinate the muscles that should be used in singing, called intrinsic muscles, and we teach you to stop engaging the muscles that get in your way, known as extrinsic interfering muscles. We build brand new neuromuscular responses that, with practice, become life-long good habits. Over time your voice begins to function effortlessly; things that used to be hard for you to sing become amazingly easier with this process.

We work with all ability and experience levels from beginning to advanced singers. We specialize in keeping the professional singer’s voice healthy and strong, without changing their unique sound and style!

Sing Like A Star singers deliver effortless power, amazing vocal control, great high notes, authentic vocal styling, and incredible consistency- no wonder Sing Like A Star trained singers are at the forefront of today’s music industry. Sing Like A Star vocal lessons will help you to sing stronger, sing higher, and sing with total confidence- in any vocal style!

But singing lessons are not just for aspiring professionals; anyone who loves to sing should consider vocal training at Sing Like a Star Studios.

“At Sing Like a Star Studios, we can teach anyone to sing, if they are willing to practice” says studio owner Tricia Grey, MM. “Many people think that singing ability is something you either have or you don’t- but nothing could be further from the truth. I have worked with many students through the years who did not have a great natural vocal ability but had tremendous drive, discipline, and work ethic who now have professional careers!”

Consider vocal study at Sing Like A Star Studios if you are:

  • A professional singer who would like to improve your vocal technique without changing your unique sound.
  • An actor/actress who would like to be a triple threat.
  • A high school student who would like to get the lead in the musical, make All-State, or be accepted into a competitive university or conservatory program.
  • A younger singer who loves to sing popular music in today’s styles, rather than a teacher’s favorite style.
  • An aspiring professional singer auditioning for musical theatre roles, rock bands, or hoping to land a record deal.
  • A pop, rock, jazz, R and B, gospel, or country singer who wants to keep your unique sound while improving range, power, flexibility, and style- riffs and runs.
  • A musical theatre singer wanting to make it on Broadway.
  • A contemporary Christian or church choir singer.
  • An aspiring songwriter who wants to learn how to write hit songs.
A person of any age with a bucket list who has always wanted to learn how to sing.
  • Anyone who loves to sing!

We even have a special program for very young singers (ages 3+) called LITTLE STARS.

Our Lessons for Children, program is headed by Associate Teacher Elaine Drennon Little, MFA, MEd, who is a 28-year veteran of public school music teaching. Our younger singers get a very basic exposure to the SLaS vocal technique while playing rhythm instruments, moving, dancing, clapping, singing, playing the piano, and generally having fun! Elaine has a real love for bringing music to younger singers! Our lessons for children program combines the best of proven educational principles with vocal and musical development.

Whether you are a young singer, a professional, or just have a bucket list, Sing Like A Star vocal training will make your dreams come true!

Some questions for you: Have you ever taken a voice lesson and left that teacher’s studio wondering what the purpose of the lesson was? Have you taken endless lessons without seeing the improvements you were looking for? Does the process of improving your voice seem mysterious? Has your teacher ever explained exactly what is going on with your vocal folds and the rest of the vocal mechanism when you sing?

Often vocal training is presented with undefined objectives, vague feedback, and no plan for developing specific muscular coordination; these ineffective lessons consist of a random “warm-up” followed by numerous repetitions of a song. They deliver little actual vocal improvement because they are not targeted at improving specific muscular coordination and efficiency.

At Sing Like a Star we have a better method. Our SLaS training is based on cutting-edge research in vocal science- applied to contemporary singing styles. Sing Like a Star methodology is based on specific objectives and definable outcomes. It is a sequential and planned program of skill building based on The Eight Steps of Vocal Development the foundation of the book YOU can Sing Like a Star! by Tricia Grey, MM.

As you progress through The Eight Steps of Vocal Development you are building efficient muscular coordination, eliminating your old bad habits and replacing them with good ones. Anything you want to achieve with your voice can be done- one step at a time! We believe in defined and specific objectives for each step of your development. You will always know how far you have come on the path of vocal training and what your next goal will be; your teacher will be glad to discuss these objectives with you so you will know how you are doing.

But even more important to the singer; you will soon be able to SING like you never dreamed you could sing! You will suddenly find your voice doing things you never thought it could do- things that formerly seemed impossible are now easy for you because you have trained the vocal muscles to function efficiently. AND you can learn how to sing with style! You can learn how to sing great riffs and runs if that is your preferred style-and where those riffs and runs come from-so you can learn to create your own improvisations rather than copying another artist.
In addition to world-class singing lessons and vocal instruction we offer performance opportunities in a beautiful state-of-the-art professional theater. Our Sing Like a Star Singers’ Showcases enable students to combine their new vocal technique with performance skills and they are great fun too!

At Sing Like A Star Studios you have many options to learn the world’s most valuable vocal technique:

  • In-person lessons: You can take lessons in-person at either of our two convenient studio locations
  • Online lessons: You can take one-on-one online voice lessons through your computer, phone, or i-pod touch. This approach is very effective and convenient if you do not live in the Atlanta area, or even if you live locally but prefer not to drive. They are a great stress and time saver! Save driving time by studying from home with online one-on-one voice lessons. Technology now makes it possible to have a voice lesson from anywhere in the world! Our busy local students often use the internet distance training option, combined with in-person lessons. A video/audio recording of your lesson is sent to you after the lesson. With today’s technology, it’s almost like being there in person!
  • Speakerphone: You can even take lessons through a speakerphone!
  • Lessons for Less: If you can’t afford lessons with Master Teacher Tricia Grey, MM, you can learn the same great vocal technique by studying with one of our highly qualified, trained, and educated Sing Like a Star Associate Teachers. Our Associate Teachers have music degrees, many years’ experience teaching, years of professional performing as singers, and they have been trained personally by Tricia Grey to teach the Sing Like a Star vocal method. They pass rigorous testing in order to become and remain certified to teach at Sing Like a Star Studios.

In addition to world-class vocal training, we offer studio recording, piano, guitar, and songwriting instruction as well as artist development, performance, and pageant coaching!


Please email our Sing Like a Star support team at support@singlikeastar.com or call our support team at 404-790-1830 Monday-Friday, 10-6 pm EST.

For all questions about lessons at SLaS please visit this page: LINKS TO REVIEW BEFORE BOOKING

We look forward to helping you Sing Stronger…Sing Higher…and Sing like a Star!