To get started with voice lessons at Sing Like a Star Studios, the first step is to register and pay below for your GTKY (Getting to Know You) introductory session. GTKY’s can be in-person at our Roswell studio or on Zoom- the choice is yours!

Before you register, please review our lesson rates here:

If you are on this page, you have selected lessons with a Sing Like a Star founder and Master Teacher Tricia Grey, MM. That means you want to work with “the best”, and that you are super-committed and willing to work hard and practice (on exercises, not just songs) every day. You can expect to see amazing results quickly- if you are willing to do the work!

If you are exploring lessons for fun, looking for lessons for a young child, or have financial constraints, please register for voice lessons with an SLaS Associate Teacher. Tricia only works with highly motivated students.

In the GTKY session, you will:

  1. Receive a professional evaluation of your voice
  2. Meet your teacher and discuss your goals
  3. Learn what the Sing Like a Star method can do for you
  4. Reserve your place in your teacher’s weekly schedule and prepay for a month’s lessons, if you decide to commit to weekly lessons.

Once you have registered and paid for your GTKY introductory session, our support staff will contact you by email during normal business hours (M-F 10 am – 6 pm) to schedule your session.

Meanwhile, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support staff:

404-790-1830 (M-F 10 am – 6 pm)



Laura Wright – (American Idol) Within the first lesson with Tricia I could feel and hear a huge change in my voice, much different than any vocal lesson I had before. My range was wider instantly! At 16 years old I made it all the way to Hollywood with American Idol (Season 5). I’m currently headlining in Los Vegas and on cruise ships, having the time of my life! I know Tricia’s lessons and teaching helped get me there. Tricia Grey was such a large part of my journey since American Idol, and I cannot express my thanks enough. If you want to challenge yourself, grow as a singer, work with someone who knows exactly what they are doing and can offer the greatest vocal lessons… work with Tricia Grey! Thank you SO much for all your guidance and helping me grow as a performer Tricia!

Jamila Thompson – (The Voice) I am so grateful for the exceptional voice training I had at Sing Like a Star Studios, from Tricia Grey. She helped me to sing so much stronger, and gave me so much confidence I was able to realize my dream of being a contestant on The Voice, Team Usher! Thank you Tricia!

Jennifer Geller – (from non-singer to Hamilton star on Broadway with SLaS) I have no doubt that Tricia is the mastermind behind my success. I was a non-singing high school dance major when I started with Tricia- soon after graduation, I was cast in leading roles on Bring It On: The Musical and Rock of Ages on Broadway! And for the last several years I have been in the Broadway cast of Hamilton!!!!!!!

When you study with Tricia Grey, you are working with the best!

Angelica Hale- (America’s Got Talent)- Tricia trained me from the age of five through my exciting season on America’s Got Talent. Since then, my career has taken off! Tricia gave me not only the basics of how to sing higher and stronger, her program takes you to advanced work like riffs and runs and vocal style. She gave me the confidence to succeed on America’s Got Talent. If you work hard, you too will succeed with Sing Like a Star vocal training!

David Nokes, (parent)

Thank you, Tricia! It’s is so great to have this weekly plan with the recorded exercises.  Avery really loves them and I can already tell that her progress is going to be significantly accelerated by having a more focused and targeted learning experience!  We are so fortunate to have found you!

I mentioned today that Avery had a master class yesterday with Broadway star Laura Osnos—Laura was amazed that a 12 year old girl was singing with such strong technique, especially with her mix and well balanced registers.  She said Avery must have a really good voice teacher. Indeed she does!!

I love this course and want to do anything I can do to help you promote it.  This is such an amazing tool and resource for both students and voice teachers.  Your labor of love needs to be shared—and you certainly deserve to be compensated for your innovation and hard work. There is nothing else out there like this.

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