Group classes can be a cost effective alternative to more expensive voice lessons.

If you are wondering whether you can really learn to sing in a group class, the answer is: that depends on the voice class.  If you are doing choral mee-mah-moh-mooo’s and making spinning motions in front of your face, or other typical choral exercises, you might learn to blend and become a good choral singer.  There is nothing wrong with that, if the choral experience is what you are after.

But if you want to become a good solo singer, you will need acommercial vocal technique based  class such as the GLEE class we offer at Sing Like a Star studios.  This class will take students through the exercises necessary to build power and projection in the voice, starting with exercises that “adduct” or bring the vocal cords together.  If your singing is airy, breathy and weak, exercises that focus on vocal cord adduction are of primary importance.

One the other hand, if you are a singer who “pulls chest”, hyper-extending the vocal cords so that you sound like you are yelling on your highest notes, you will need exercises that teach you how to find “connected release” as you ascend in pitch.  This means that, as you sing higher you allow the vocal cords to release the “gripping” feeling, without letting go altogether into a falsetto coordination.

It is possible to learn the basics of good vocal production in a group setting, if you have the right method and the right instructor.  Our group vocal  class is a half hour weekly vocal workout that will condition and strengthen your voice and send you into the week humming!  And for a fraction of the cost of private voice lessons, you can learn how to sing, and keep your voice in top shape!

Sing Like a Star GLEE classes are for singers of all ages who would like to have fun singing songs in a group, with a basic introduction to vocal technique, and fun singing songs from the hit TV series “Glee”.  In the class,  you will learn the basics of singing vocal harmonies, backup singing, and stage movement.

For all our classes, we have performance opportunities available every 3-4 months at our Sing Like a Star Showcases.

Group vocal classes can be a good way to begin vocal training, and they are really fun!

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