How to Sing Like Adele

British pop superstar Adele has had her share of vocal problems, and I discussed these at length in a prior blog, posted on my website.  For this blog I would like to explore the many wonderful things about Adele’s singing that have won her millions of loyal fans worldwide. What is it about her voice, her singing and her songwriting that people respond to?

The first factor that comes to mind is that she is always completely committed to what she is singing.  In every performance she seems to be completely immersed in the emotion of the song, and re-living the pain or joy of the moment that inspired the song in the first place.  She doesn’t seem capable of just going through the motions, or “phoning it in” emotionally- every performance is wrenching and intense.

I know from experience that maintaining that kind of emotional intensity night after night, show after show, and tour after tour, is not always easy.  But honesty in emotion makes you vulnerable, and therefore loveable to your audience.  Being able to stay completely honest while singing with total vulnerability every single time you perform is the mark of a true artist.

And then there are “the pipes”.  The Voice.  It’s soulful, powerful, rich in timbre, and evocative.  She always seems to be living on the edge; she does not hold back vocally or emotionally. Sometimes that can be very wearing on the vocal cords (and the psyche).  But it can also be thrilling to listen to. Adele does not play it safe. Instead she gives every performance her total commitment, and so she draws us into her world.

It takes a lot of courage to be unique- to be who you really are instead of imitating the “flavor of the month”.  Adele is unique, she knows who she is, and in my opinion  she is a great example of courageous honesty as a singer, a songwriter, and an artist.  Honesty, vulnerability and total commitment every time you sing- these are the hallmarks of a true artist.

I wish you all the best as you reach for your dreams!  Tricia Grey, MM


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Written by Sing Like A Star

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