Often students come to me for singing lessons with a classical or choral background and as a result they have a problem with overly breathy singing.

Traditional classical training emphasizes only the legitimate sound, which limits the singer to singing only classical music; the use of the chest voice is discouraged, so singers often cannot be heard on the lower notes, and the sound is airy, breathy, and weak. The result is an unbalanced voice that does not sound authentic singing current music. You need a strong chest voice in order to sing correctly in any style!

The objectives of choral singing and lead singing are juxtaposed; that is, the skill sets required for the two different styles of singing are in many cases opposite from one another.

The goal of a choral singer is to blend, to not stick out, so that a group of many singers sounds like a smoothly functioning single unit.  The goal of a good solo singer is to sound unique, with plenty of power and an individual and easily recognizable sound.

While choral singing can be great for young singers’ musicianship, ear training, and experience level, the breathy, airy sound advocated by most choral teachers is not what is need to get the lead in a major Broadway show, or to become the lead singer in a rock band.

Good singing lessons can correct breathy singing.  With Sing Like A Star™ training, you will learn to “mix” and connect the registers, and to negotiate the “ bridges” of your voice, (the areas of transition, where you might tend to incorrectly push chest too high, or else disconnect into a weak sound) which will allow you to sing with freedom, power and emotion in any style you choose.

Sing Like A Star™ training creates a balanced production, resulting in a smooth transition from chest voice to head voice, and no voice breaks or abrupt changes in the vocal quality as you ascend in pitch.

If your singing is breathy, singing lessons at Sing Like a Star studios can correct this problem!

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