It’s important to know how to keep your voice healthy when taking singing lessons.  Singers, even more than the average person, need to keep their voice healthy and strong.

What about diet and health habits?Anything that can affect your health, body, skin or mood can affect your singing. The most important element (other than good technique) is WATER. The vocal cords need to remain hydrated (wet) in order to function optimally. Most people do not drink enough plain water, and singers need to drink more water than the average person in order to maintain vocal health. The motto is “pee pale”. That’s right, the more clearly you tinkle, the happier your vocal cords are! Air conditioning and heating units take moisture out of the air, affecting the hydration of the cords. Inhaling steam or cool mist will help replace the lost water. You should be aware that, because of the functioning of the epiglottis, nothing you drink actually touches the vocal cords, so the old “tea and honey” remedy, while it might feel nice, does not affect the voice.

Steam or mist, if inhaled, will hydrate the cords, and help minimize swelling. Humidity, steam, mist, drinking water, and warmth are good for the vocal cords; smoke, pollen, dry air, air conditioning and heating, caffeine, alcohol and drugs are dehydrating and therefore BAD for them! Some singers find that dairy products like milk or cheese cause thick mucus, so these products should be avoided on performance days. Allergies are also mucus producing, but you should avoid most antihistamines because they are too drying. If you must take them, counter the dehydrating effects with plenty of water and steam. Breathing through a warm wet towel will do in an emergency, as will inhaling steam from boiling water, or the local gym’s steam room. Acid reflux is a problem many people do not even know they have. It occurs when stomach acid regurgitates up onto your esophagus, touching your vocal cords and damaging the cords and surrounding tissue. You can prevent this common problem by avoiding late night eating, and by sleeping with your head elevated. Check with your physician- there are new medications that may alleviate this issue for you.To ensure a stellar vocal career, make sure you get plenty of rest and water, and vocalize daily with your Sing Like a Star vocal exercises.

Finally, it really does help to be physically active and fit. Maintaining a physical fitness regimen is a smart investment of your time.An even smarter investment in your vocal future is a weekly (or twice weekly) Sing Like a Star voice lesson and daily practice!

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To make good progress with your singing lessons, keeping your voice healthy is vitally important.

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