There are many incorrect methods taught in singing lessons; these methods should be avoided.  Most incorrect and vocally damaging teaching falls into the two following categories:

“Broadway belt” methods of teaching encourage pushing the chest voice too high and hyper-extending the vocal cords.  So-called “rock” teachers use this method also.  This results in vocal abuse and damage, and usually, a very short career.  You can sometimes “get away” with it for a short time, (when you are young) but most singers trained this way eventually get nodules (growths on the vocal cords resembling small warts, resulting from abuse of the cords).  Nodules require surgery and complete vocal rest for several weeks.  As soon as the singer goes back to the old incorrect vocal habits, the nodules return.

The second incorrect method is the “classical” or “choral” type of teaching that encourages airy, breathy and weak vocal production.  These methods discourage the use of the chest voice, which is essential in all styles of singing.  You cannot use this type of production for commercial music (Rock, R and B, Gospel) or Broadway styles because it is too weak, especially in the lower register.

At Sing Like A Star™ studios, you will develop a strong and powerful chest voice, and a strong, powerful upper register, and you will be able to connect your lower register to your upper register smoothly.  Your voice will sound even from the very low notes to the very high notes instead of sounding like two different voices. You will no longer strain as you sing high notes, your low notes will be strong and powerful, and you will have the control to sing riffs, runs, and licks for R and B and Gospel styling.

Singing lessons at Sing Like A Star™ vocal studios teach the singer to negotiate the “bridges” of the voice (also known as “passaggio” the part of your voice where you might tend to crack or break or strain as you go up in pitch) easily and without muscular tension.  This results in the ability to easily sing in ANY style with soul, emotion, and flexibility.

Rather than confining you to a teacher’s favorite vocal style, this training allows you to sing freely and expressively in the style in which YOU like to sing!

Professional Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Pop, Musical Theatre, and Country singers around the world all rely on Sing Like A Star™ vocal training to maintain their voices and their careers. Over 130 Grammy and Tony winners are where they are today because of this amazing technique!

This vocal technique is the gold standard of the music industry, and the vocal technique recommended by the producers of American Idol, The Voice, Glee, and MTV’s hit show Made, where Tricia was the vocal coach for the show in 2011.

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