Singing Lessons by Professional Vocal Coaches Near East Cobb, GA

If you live in East Cobb, GA and you are looking for singing lessons by professional vocal coaches, you are in luck! The world’s best singing lessons are very near and convenient at our beautiful Roswell location. Our studio is conveniently located off I-400 or Hwy 120/ Hwy 9, just north of Mansell Road.

Can’t always drive to Roswell? Not a problem! We also offer online singing lessons via zoom.

Singing Lessons by the Professional Vocal Coaches at Sing Like a Star will train you to sing in any style you prefer- whether that’s country, rock, blues, jazz, gospel, or musical theater!

Learn to Sing Like a Star with Professional Vocal Teachers near East Cobb

When you take singing lessons from a professional vocal coach at Sing Like a Star, you also learn to be a great performer by singing in our twice yearly professional showcases. Our world class vocal coaching will give you the tools necessary to develop the power, consistency, range, vocal sound and flexibility you need for a chance to join our elite list of students who have appeared on, and won, talent competitions including America’s Got Talent, The Voice, American Idol and X Factor.

Why take singing lessons with a professional vocal coach at Sing Like a Star?

  • You will learn to sing in any style you enjoy- rock, pop, R&B, gospel
  • Wherever you are in your vocal development, whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have the tools to take you to the next level.
  • Our Roswell studio is very close to East Cobb and easy to get to!
  • On those days when you don’t want to drive, you can still take your lesson conveniently with Zoom!
  • You will learn be learn to be a professional performer in our twice yearly showcases.
  • We get results. Your voice will be stronger and higher very quickly- if you practice!
  • The SLaS method is a world-renowned, organized skill building approach- not just “warm up, sing a song, and go home.”
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Watch this video to learn all about lessons at Sing Like a Star Studios:

All our Associate Teachers are certified in the SLaS method. Our Associate Teachers are dedicated professionals who love to work with children- and adults too!

To learn to sing with the world’s most effective vocal lessons and coaching, register for a Professional Voice Evaluation ($30) by clicking on the red button below:

Sing Like a Star Studios has been providing vocal lessons and voice coaching to our clients near East Cobb for over 20 years. Come and learn to sing with us!

Unlocking Vocal Excellence in East Cobb, GA with the SLaS Method

In the heart of East Cobb, Sing Like a Star Studios stands tall as a haven for aspiring vocalists. Our acclaimed Sing Like a Star (SLaS) method is meticulously crafted to nurture vocal talents of all levels, presenting a definitive roadmap to vocal mastery for East Cobb residents.

1. Discovering Sing Like a Star and the SLaS Method

Embracing East Cobb’s Artistry

At Sing Like a Star Studios, our commitment to East Cobb is unwavering. We endeavor to offer top-tier voice lessons and online vocal training, firmly establishing ourselves as the go-to choice for vocal coaching in this vibrant community.

Flexible Learning Paths for East Cobb Residents

Recognizing the bustling lifestyle in East Cobb, we extend the choice of both in-person and online vocal training. Whether you’re local or seeking remote sessions, our skilled coaches are easily accessible via Zoom.

2. Exploring Sing Like a Star Studios

Nurturing Your Distinctive Voice

Our seasoned vocal coaches collaborate closely to unveil your unique vocal potential. Gain the confidence to sing with strength, precision, and charisma, elevating every performance.

Diverse Musical Horizons for East Cobb’s Artists

East Cobb boasts a rich blend of musical tastes, and at Sing Like a Star, we celebrate this diversity. Our curriculum spans a spectrum of genres, including gospel, blues, rock, pop, jazz, musical theatre, country, and R&B.

Mastering Vocal Range and Control

Crafting great vocals requires a multifaceted skill set. We prioritize honing your vocal range, power, control, and flexibility, captivating East Cobb audiences with your refined artistry.

3. The Eight Steps of Vocal Development

1. Breath Mastery (Appoggio)

Commencing our journey involves mastering breath control, or appoggio, crucial for effortlessly sustaining notes.

2. Lower Register Development

Laying a robust foundation in the lower register is key for vocalists in East Cobb, ensuring the full potential of your lower voice.

3. Upper Register Development

Advancing towards the upper register completes the spectrum, shaping the entirety of your vocal range.

4. Bridging Registers

Guiding East Cobb’s vocalists through the seamless transition between registers is a focal point in our curriculum.

5. Progressing Further…

The subsequent steps build upon these foundations, shaping you into a versatile and adept vocalist.

4. The Spiral Learning Concept

In East Cobb, vocal mastery thrives on consistent practice and revisitation of concepts. Our Spiral Learning method focuses on refining skills with each repetition, ensuring a holistic learning experience.

Consistency Fosters Growth in East Cobb

Consistent practice amplifies vocal abilities, transforming initial challenges into second-nature expressions, allowing seamless musical communication.

5. What Sets Sing Like a Star Apart and the Significance of Voice Teachers

Clear Goals and Measurable Outcomes

Setting transparent objectives and tangible outcomes for East Cobb’s students ensures clarity and progress tracking throughout the learning journey.

The Role of Expert Voice Instructors

While self-teaching resources abound, the guidance of our qualified voice teachers in East Cobb is invaluable for personalized growth as a vocalist.

Debunking Vocal Misconceptions

Steering clear of harmful vocal techniques, our focus on safe and effective vocal methods in East Cobb prioritizes your vocal health.

Why Opt for Sing Like a Star in East Cobb, GA?

Selecting Sing Like a Star for vocal training in East Cobb brings numerous advantages:

  • Accessible Location: Our studio in East Cobb ensures convenient access to top-notch vocal training.
  • Online Flexibility: For East Cobb residents, our online lessons via Zoom eliminate distance barriers to vocal growth.
  • Genre Expertise: Whether it’s rock, pop, R&B, gospel, or any other style, our coaches in East Cobb are equipped to guide you.
  • Professional Performance Training: Beyond singing, we cultivate the performer in you, providing stage opportunities.
  • Proven Track Record: Many of our students have appeared and won on talent shows like America’s Got Talent, The Voice, American Idol, and X Factor.
  • Structured Skill Development: Our SLaS method ensures a structured path to elevate your talent in East Cobb.

Whether you’re embarking on your vocal journey or refining your skills, Sing Like a Star Studios in East Cobb, GA is the launchpad to vocal success. Discover your vocal potential today and shine as the star you aspire to be.

The SLaS Method at Sing Like a Star Studios offers a comprehensive, structured approach to vocal mastery. With skilled instructors, versatile training options, and a curriculum spanning diverse musical styles, aspiring vocalists in East Cobb are empowered to refine their talents and shine on stage.


1. How can I determine if Sing Like a Star is suitable for me in East Cobb?

We encourage attending a trial session to assess compatibility. Our coaches can evaluate your skills and align our methods with your goals.

2. Are there age limits for enrolling in vocal lessons at Sing Like a Star in East Cobb, GA?

No, our doors are open to students of all ages, fostering talent exploration at Sing Like a Star Studios.

3. Can I switch between in-person and online lessons at Sing Like a Star in East Cobb?

Certainly, our flexible approach allows transitions based on your convenience and preferences.

4. What if I’m a complete beginner with no singing experience?

We cater to beginners in East Cobb, providing a supportive environment to nurture your talent from scratch.

5. Do I need a specific musical preference to join Sing Like a Star in East Cobb, GA?

No, our curriculum embraces diverse musical genres, enabling exploration and skill development across various styles.

QUESTIONS? Please email our Sing Like a Star support team at; call our support team at 404-790-1830 Monday-Friday, 10 am-6 pm.