Focused & Targeted Learning Experience!

Thank you, Tricia! It’s is so great to have this weekly plan with the recorded exercises. Avery really loves them and I can already tell that her progress is going to be significantly accelerated by having a more focused and targeted learning experience! We are so fortunate to have found you! I mentioned today that Avery had a master class yesterday with Broadway star Laura Osnos—Laura was amazed that a 12 year old girl was singing with such strong technique, especially with her mix and well balanced registers. She said Avery must have a really good voice teacher. Indeed she does!! I love this course and want to do anything I can do to help you promote it. This is such an amazing tool and resource for both students and voice teachers. Your labor of love needs to be shared—and you certainly deserve to be compensated for your innovation and hard work. There is nothing else out there like this.

We so greatly appreciate your work with Avery and all you have done (since she was 7 years old) to support her and help her achieve the many successes she had in her musical theater and vocal arts journey.   You have been with Avery longer by far than any other teacher/coach, and the lessons you taught her about work ethic, perseverance, and reaching goals will be lasting and will apply to everything she does in and out of the performing arts.  For that, we are tremendously thankful.