Anyone who really wants to make it in the music business should consider singing lessons as a priority.  This blog is to discuss why all singers need a voice teacher.

Singers cannot teach themselves to sing correctly, for two reasons.  The first reason is that we don’t hear ourselves accurately.  Most people who hear their recorded speaking voices for the first time are astounded- the sound they hear in their head is not at all the sound that the rest of the world hears!

Secondly, the vocal apparatus is inside the larynx, so we cannot see it working.  Therefore, the intelligent student or artist knows that keeping the voice aligned correctly requires consistently working with a specialist- a professional who understands the science of the voice and the art of vocal development.

Most people who try to teach themselves to sing use incorrect muscles, acquiring bad vocal habits or tendencies that eventually damage the voice.  You need an expert vocal technician to properly develop your voice, and you also need the discipline to practice and vocalize daily in order to overcome previous incorrect habits and to build the muscles correctly.

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