Group Classes: KIDSTARS!

Singing with a group is fun!

Sing Like a Star Studios offers the world’s most effective Voice Lessons for all ages and experience levels from professional singers to beginners.  You can take lessons at our Roswell, GA studio or from anywhere in the world with our Online Lessons.

The first step to getting started with any of our classes is to register for a no-obligation GETTING TO KNOW YOU introductory session with the teacher of your choice. Students who are highly motivated or are interested in becoming professional singers should invest in lessons with studio owner and Master Teacher Tricia Grey, MM. Students with financial constraints or who are exploring singing for fun will enjoy  Lessons for Less with our highly qualified and trained  SLaS Associate Teachers.

QUESTIONS? Please email our Sing Like a Star support team at; call our support team at 404-790-1830 Monday-Friday, 10 am-6 pm EST. Download INFORMATION AND FAQ .  This document will answer any questions you have about lessons at Sing Like a Star Studios.

At Sing Like a Star we offer your child the opportunity to perform in group classes that are fun and musically inspiring!


Would you like to have fun singing, learn background harmonies and lead singing, and learn performance skills in a supportive and safe environment? Then our KIDSTARS   classes are just for you!  These classes are great for kids from ages 3-8 who would like to learn the basics of good vocal production and great onstage “moves” with the objective of performing live in the community.

In KIDSTARS GROUP CLASSES  your child will:

  • Learn the latest moves for onstage performing!
  • Learn how to sing harmony parts!
  • Learn how to sing solos!
  • Learn basic vocal techniques such as breathing and how to sing high  notes without straining!
  • PERFORM!!!!!!!!!!!!

Classes are ongoing, and you can register for and join a class at any time.  Students from 3-8 at all levels of vocal development are welcome in our classes.  Performances are scheduled every Spring and Fall.


  • Payments will be debited automatically for the entire month, on the first day of each month.
  • Some months have five weeks and some have four, so your payment amount is adjusted accordingly.
  • A two-week written email notice is required to discontinue classes.
  • We do not take checks for payment. You must register online to be a member of the class.
  • Any child ages 3- 8 may participate in Kidstars.

For all questions about lessons at SLaS please visit this page: LINKS TO REVIEW BEFORE BOOKING

We look forward to helping you Sing Stronger…Sing Higher…and Sing like a Star!