Do You Think You Can’t Sing?

Singing Voice By now you’ve probably either:

  1. a) heard someone singing off-key at a karaoke bar
  2. b) saw a viral video online highlighting the worst singer ever


  1. c) consider yourself “not a singer.”

This begs the question: “Can anyone learn how to sing?” Well, consider genetics. Some people seem like they’re “born to sing,” while others will laughingly tell you, “I just didn’t get that singing gene, I guess.” However, here’s where it gets interesting… music educators believe that anyone who can speak can learn to use a singing voice. So that means even you– the person who says it could NEVER, EVER happen– has a chance that… it could!

Barring a physical vocal disability, anyone who can speak could conceivably learn to sing well enough that they could manage simple songs, like “Happy Birthday,” in a way that’s not at all embarrassing. One way to accomplish this is to take lessons, which Sing Like a Star offers. See this page for details.

Research has shown that those who grow up in a musically-rich environment often have an easier time learning to sing and/or play an instrument. So, if you have young kids, now’s the time to expose them to lots of singers, songs, instruments and music education.

As for people who attempt to sing but hate the way they sound, it’s most likely that they’re trying to sing using their talking voice, which just doesn’t work well. Like an athlete trains at a gym to develop his or her muscles, a person who wants to sing has to figure out their singing voice and then develop it. This can take time and effort, but the results are worth it. Think of singing like working out at a gym. The first day you’re there, it can be intimidating and you won’t be great… but with time, effort, energy, persistence, practice and a good attitude, a couple months in and you’ll know what to do, how to do it, and see results. If you want to improve your singing voice, you’ve got to train it.

Some people will develop into world-class singers; others will be “good enough to not embarrass myself at parties.” Either way, vocal lessons, from Sing Like a Star, can help anyone– yes, anyone–sing!


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