Reasons to Get Children Involved in Music

Why should you get children involved in music at a young age? Like learning languages, childhood is prime time for the brain to “learn new things,” and music is something that covers a lot of bases.

Did you know, for instance, that learning music actually helps kids learn other subjects better? Music involves math, science and reading. It involves spatial-temporal reasoning, memory skills, and goal setting. Plus, it gives kids a sense of personal achievement. They can grow in their skills over time thanks to learning as well as practice. Best of all, they can then perform what they’ve learned in front of other people, much to their delight.

How do you help a child develop self-discipline? Get them involved in learning music! Just like it takes time, energy, patience and practice to excel in sports and academics, the same can be said about music. The first time a kid picks up a guitar, it may not sound like much, but the thousandth time they do, it’s literally music to people’s ears. Similarly, the first song a kid sings may not be great, but with some guidance, time, and practice, eventually they could be entertaining crowds at school, church, on TV, and then some.

Kids want to be able to say they’re good at something, and music affords them that chance. Learning music involves tackling new challenges, developing confidence over time, learning to accept compliments for a job well done, and, overall, being somewhat independent as it’s up to them to figure out how much time and effort they want to put into learning an instrument and/or singing and/or music theory.

Finally, starting kids at a young age on their pursuit of a life filled with music is a great thing because it promotes lifelong self-expression and creativity. Maybe they’ll write songs. Maybe they’ll become fabulous piano players. Maybe they’ll sing in a choir in front of the mayor and dignitaries someday. Music opens up many doors for many people.

Sing Like a Star Studios offers voice lessons, songwriting lessons, as well as piano and guitar lessons, among other things, to help people of all ages (including children) learn about/appreciate music and all it entails. Call 404-790-1830 for more information today!

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