What Should You Prioritize When Selecting a Singing Instructor?

Professional Singing Instructor So you want to sing better. Maybe you want a wider range so you can hit low or high notes you never hit before? Or maybe you want to improve your tone or clarity? Whatever it is, there are some things you should consider when looking for a singing instructor.

Style of Music

First, look for an instructor who is familiar with the style of music you’re most interested in– for instance, certain instructors are really good at working with operatic voices, while others are all about pop music. What’s your “genre?” Maybe you’re an aspiring jazz singer… or you want to rock– your instructor should be someone who not only knows your style/genre, but can help you excel at it because they’re an expert when it comes to that particular style/genre.

Knowledge of Vocal Anatomy

Next, your singing instructor should know something about vocal anatomy. Ask them about vocal cords and how the act of singing actually works. If they can describe how stuff inside you operates while you’re singing, using words that sound like you’d hear them in science or health class, then you know they know something about the inner workings of the body as it relates to singing, and that’s a good thing.

Fun to Work With

Thirdly, you’ll want to choose someone who is warm and caring. There’s nothing worse than taking lessons with a grumpy person who never smiles and doesn’t engage in conversation with you. Singing is supposed to be fun. Your instructor needs to be someone you can relate to, and someone who guides you in a way where you actually enjoy your lessons rather than dread them.

There’s only one you in this world. Therefore, find an instructor who “gets” you and can pick things to work on that are totally relevant to you. Your instructor should share your values and ideals.

Contagious Energy

Finally, look for a singing instructor who has more “energy” than you do. He or she should make your lessons lively and interesting, to the point where you feel like you had a good vocal workout afterward. Their energy can be contagious, helping you “up your game” overall!

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