Reasons to Consider Signing Up Your Child For Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons for ChildrenDo you know what’s great about a child taking piano lessons? Years from now, when they’re old and grey, they will be entertaining fellow senior home residents, playing the piano there! Go to any old folks’ home in America and you’re bound to find a piano, and someone in that home plays it, entertaining the rest of the group. They gather together to hear the old tunes and usually do sing-a-longs, too. A well-played piano is great for socializing and camaraderie for people of all ages, including those over 80!

Now, back to the idea of kids taking piano lessons– start ‘em young. It’s easier for a kid to pick up music instrument skills when they’re young because their brains are like sponges. They learn things so quickly when they’re young.

The Benefits of Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are good for a kid for many reasons. They teach patience, listening/reading skills, and help improve manual dexterity. Furthermore, research has shown that those who take instrument lessons have an easier time in math class! Music is quite mathematical in its structure.

When a youngster learns the piano they open up their musical world for a lifetime. Eventually, they can join a band or group where teamwork helps get songs performed for an appreciative audience. Plus, there is the personal confidence-boosting satisfaction of learning a new chord, a new melody, or a new style/rhythm. With a musical instrument, there’s always something new and interesting to learn and practice. Music is a great hobby.

Though music is a hobby for most people, some kids go on to getting paid to play the piano for funerals, weddings, parties and more. Perhaps they’ll start or join a band and enjoy the close camaraderie that comes from that unique experience. Or they might simply enjoy hearing their own compositions, working on writing songs for the pure enjoyment of self-expression.

Learning an instrument is about discipline, practice, patience, and perseverance. These are all good things for kids.

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