The Benefits of Singing in a Group

Singing in Groups Singing in public? It can be intimidating. Many, many people have suffered from “stage fright,” but it does help to sing in a group, because then not all the attention is solely on you!

What are some of the benefits of singing in a group?

First, there’s the whole team thing– a “we’re in this thing together” mentality that helps unite people in a way that makes the goal achievable. So often people– kids especially– aren’t mentally ready to stand in front of a crowd and sing solo. However, having others around them to cheer them on and support them? That can make all the difference, helping make it an overall good experience. Just like a person would rather take someone they trust with them on a trip around the world for company and support (and to enjoyed the shared experiences), it makes sense to sing in a group for the camaraderie. As a social activity, singing brings people together and helps them form unique and often long-lasting bonds.

Singing in a group is good for the heart– a person’s heart will beat in unison with the others singing with them as they keep track of the melody, rhythm, etc. When you sing with a group, you have to listen to what others around you are doing in order to either fit in or stand out. You have to work on how you breathe, as well as how you “keep time.” All of this is good for your health. Singing can de-stress people, cheer them up, reduce the variability of their heart rate, and strengthen their feelings of cooperation. Ultimately, singing in a group boosts oxytocin levels, helping to control stress and anxiety.

Furthermore, everyone wants a place where they “fit in.” That’s why people join teams and organizations. For many, it’s a ball field where they can play organized sports together. For some, it’s drama club where they can put on plays and musicals together. And, of course, group singing is a great way to have a place to “fit in,” whether it’s at church, school, or in the community. Singing together is good for people’s overall confidence and social well-being.

Sing Like a Star offers children in the Atlanta area the chance to sing together in a group setting. Not only is it a fun experience, but kids get to learn “background harmonies” and “lead singing.” It’s a safe and supportive environment with a bonus: the kids actually get to perform for the public, too!

Find out more about Sing Like a Star’s group singing classes and more, right here.

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