Tips for Preparing for a Singing Audition

Singing Auditions A singing audition can be nerve-racking! It’s just you and your voice in front of someone else who is going to judge you. Will you be “good enough?” Will you be “what they’re looking for?” It’s no wonder that some people’s nerves get the best of them and they can’t handle singing auditions– they’re intense!

If you’re going to do a singing audition, preparation is the key. Don’t just “wing it.” In order to make the best impression, you need to have confidence, know the words to what you’re going to sing without staring down at a paper, and be prepared for any curve balls they may throw your way, such as “Okay, sing us a different song now.”

For starters, choose your audition song(s) wisely. It should “fit your voice” well. Some people can sing Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” well, while others can’t. A song should be in your vocal range so you’re not straining to hit certain notes. It should also be the kind of song others are familiar with, and one which you’ve performed “many times” before so it’s become almost second-nature for you to sing it. Oh, and simple is better than complicated. Keep it simple– stick to the melody the way it was meant to be sung– you can do vocal acrobatics later– not during the audition.

Next, practice your song beforehand… a lot. Do it in the shower. Try it out in front of friends and family. Ask for people’s feedback. If possible, work with a reputable voice coach to help perfect your craft– Sing Like A Star Studios can help you in this regard. Make sure you understand what it is you’re singing about– a singer is an interpreter of lyrics. Will the other person believe you believe what you’re singing about/to them? If so, you’ve won them over.

Your voice is your instrument and just like a musician takes care of his or her drums/guitar/etc., you need to take care of your voice. That means avoiding dairy products and caffeinated pop before an audition. That means forcing yourself to do “vocal rest” so you’re not worn out before the audition. It also means getting enough sleep, eating healthy, exercising, etc. so you’ll look and feel good standing in front of others singing.

Finally, professionalism and kindness go a long way in the music business. Be on time for the audition (be early, really!) and be respectful of whomever is judging you. Be calm-yet-enthusiastic, smile, and do your best. Thank them for their time.

Again, if you need help preparing for an audition, Sing Like A Star Studios can help! For more information, contact Sing Like A Star Studios today.

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  2. sonjia Williams

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