Reasons to Take Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons If you’ve been thinking about taking lessons to play a musical instrument, you might want to go with the guitar and here’s why: it’s so portable. It’s the one instrument that can end up nearly anywhere, easily, from bars to beaches, bonfires to malls, and everywhere in between. If you take piano, you’ve got to hope that the place you’re visiting has one in the room you’ll be in, or you’ll have to carry your large keyboard and all that goes with it– not that simple. With a guitar, it’s so portable that it lends itself well to almost any occasion anywhere for any reason.

The guitar is great because it sounds so good with the human voice. Of course you could take other instruments with the hopes of singing along to them, but would it make sense to just play bongos and sing or just play the trombone and sing (when you’re not blowing into the ‘bone?)… if and when it’s just you somewhere and the people want you to perform, you and your guitar can handle it and people will like it.

Learning guitar isn’t too easy and that’s a good thing– the challenge is worth it. You’ve got to be strong, flexible, and precise with your hands. Now if you try and learn guitar on your own, with no one guiding you, it’s easy to develop bad habits that ultimately don’t make you sound or look professional. Proper development is key with guitar– it’s kind of like when an athlete trains with a coach– you need someone to “check you” and make sure what you’re doing makes sense to be successful.

Finally, learning to play guitar is great if you want to be a musician. You’ll get a decent education regarding music and how it works. Thus, you’ll improve your musical literacy. Best of all, you’ll meet other guitar players who’ll want to talk about playing guitar as well as “jam” with you. It can lead to some very socially satisfying times in your life. And you just might end up becoming “the next big thing” in music– you never know!

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